Develop Your Web Presence!

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Develop Your Web Presence!

by Elena Greco


Almost everyone needs a web presence now. The best tool for presenting yourself digitally – personally, professionally and creatively – is through a website.

I have a unique method of working with people to bring their essence to the web, one which will coach you through finding that unique blend of color, images and layout that represents the self you want to present to the public. I want your website to look like you, to represent you and your unique qualities. If your website looks like everyone else’s, no matter how professionally done, you’re not going to stand out and people will not remember you. And if the layout or presentation doesn’t look professional, that will reflect on you, too, and possibly cost you work.

If you’re a singer, instrumentalist, actor, bodyworker or just about anyone who needs a website, and you’d like it to be super easy and inexpensive … I can help you!  I can set up a website for you which you can edit yourself very easily. I can help you establish a professional-looking social media presence that correlates with your website and your brand, and which represents the real you.

Here are some things I can do to help you develop a great website, one which is adaptable and will last for years:

  1. Set up an inexpensive but reliable web host account so that you have your very own server and domain name (for example, your URL could be;
  2. Set up a WordPress account that you can use for years to come;
  3. Help you choose an adaptable WordPress template that will work for your goals;
  4. Do the initial setup/customization on the WordPress site;
  5. Show you how to edit, format or create pages or posts yourself; and
  6. Most importantly, help you, through personal dialogue and coaching, to find images and design (layout, font, colors) that represent you and your “brand,” creatively and professionally.

The total for the WordPress package above is $190 for my work, which includes any written instructions I provide.  I can also provide onsite or telephone instruction in lieu or, or in conjunction with, the written instructions. And just for the month of September, I’m offering a 10% discount on this package!

If you already have a WordPress site but need help with layout, design or content suggestions or tutorials, I can help you with that.  Or if you already have an account and a website on WordPress (or some other platforms) and want to change the look and feel of it, I can assist you with that, too. I charge $40 per hour for web work, and if you’ll tell me what you need, I’ll give you a rough estimate before beginning work.

If you want to develop a web presence that reflects the real you, whether on a website or social media or both, I’m the woman for the job!

Please email me at to take advantage of this special.  Prices will be going up soon, so don’t wait! I look forward to hearing from you!

Elena Greco

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