EGMP News – 2016 No. 1

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EGMP NEWS – 2016 No. 1

December 2016

Hello, everyone!  It’s been a while since the last EGMP Newsletter, and I have lots of positive news to share.

As we’re headed into the start of the 2016-17 season, my intention is to make EGMP a self-sustaining professional company that reaches those who most need to be entertained and which provides a home for performing and creative artists who want to use their talent to make a difference.

EGMP has three glorious shows this season; plus, we’re adding courses and workshops to our agenda, as well as adding personnel to our company.

Our intentions

  • To bring a living-room feel to our performances
    We want our performance to be a visceral, enlivening experience for every audience, so we use intimate venues where audience members can see the performers up close and personal. No secrets. Just honest, authentic creative expression at a very high level of artistry.
  • To offer innovative multimedia programming that covers divergent genres of music
    We combine music and art in innovative programming that moves people and reaches across generations and lifestyles.
  • To bring affordable and vibrant entertainment to the community and to those in need
    We perform wherever people need and want to be entertained, with an emphasis on bringing people together and creating a feeling of community. We’re particularly committed to performing for senior centers and Spanish-language organizations.
  • To offer pricing that allows attendance by those at all economic levels by using “Suggested Donation” prices
    This allows for those with limited means to attend at little or no cost, so that no one is excluded. It also allows those with greater means to enjoy the act of giving by supporting the company with a larger donation.
  • To offer creative artists an opportunity to grow creatively and personally
    Coaching and opportunities are offered to assist performers in trusting their creative impulses, to become comfortable interacting authentically with an audience, and to experience the possibilities inherent in performing in the moment. EGMP strives to foster transformation and the expansion of creative energy in both performers and audience.  That means we want each concert to be a transformational or productive experience for each performer.  Coaching, support of various kinds, and opportunities to utilize your creative skills, whatever they might be, in the creation of our concerts is always offered.

Live music moves people like no other experience!  We want to be able to bring our unique style of entertainment to those in need of inspiration wherever and whomever they might be.  To that end, we’re making some exciting changes to EGMP.

Outreach.  A major part of EGMP’s mission is to bring entertainment to the community.  EGMP has on its agenda this season to find ways to reach out to the community so that we can bring our unique brand of entertainment to community organizations, such as senior centers.  We also look forward to bridging cultural lines by sharing our music and mission with Spanish-speaking organizations throughout the City.  Outreach involves significant extra expense, but it will be well worth it to further our mission to entertain, educate and enliven.  If you know of such organizations, it would be wonderful if you would let us know.  And for private patrons of the arts, we will be available for private concerts, events and gatherings, as well.

Tax-deductible contributions.  I’m pleased to say that we have established a means for our audience to make tax-deductible contributions to support our growing company.  Specifics on that will follow in the next ten days, and we’ll offer an easy and safe way for you to donate online.  This will allow our company to become self-sustaining and to serve the community much more widely and frequently, entertaining and uplifting those who need it most.

Jobs.  EGMP provides jobs for artists and production professionals in this difficult economy, as well as artist development.  There are many programs which offer supposed benefit to singers, but they charge the singer rather than pay them.  It is not unusual for singers to spend well over a thousand dollars a season just on audition fees, which grant them an audition for such programs without any guaranty of getting the position, and sometimes with no guaranty of even getting an audition!  EGMP provides real creative development opportunities at no charge as part of the artist’s participation and performance in the projects, for which they are always paid.

Reviews.  Something that would be helpful to us on the road to being a self-sustaining company is reviews.  We need reviews (1) in order to apply for grants to help us produce shows, such as our Spanish art song series and our Concerts for Healing, and (2) to allow us to present our company to organizations such as senior residences and Spanish-language groups who might not be familiar with us so that we can be invited to bring our beautiful shows to their audiences.  If you know someone who works on a publication that offers performance reviews, or know about an organization which could benefit from our shows, we would be grateful if you could share our web page or this email with them, and/or email us with the name of the publication or organization so that we might contact them.  And if you feel like writing a review of your own, we’d be thrilled!  You could post it to our Facebook page (page) or email it to us.  Remember, the cost of admission to our concerts is up to you, so come on out and enjoy our shows!

* * *


Our unique projects for the EGMP 2016-17 Season are all offered at a “Suggested Donation” price so that people of all economic levels all can attend.  This allows for those with limited means to attend at little or no cost, so that no one is excluded.  It also allows those with greater means to enjoy the act of giving by supporting the company with a larger donation.

February 22, 2017, 8:00 pm, Midtown West, New York City
THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™, PART3:  Unsung Songs of Spain (FOS3)
THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ (FOS) concert series explores the exotic cultural influences that create the unique sound of Spanish song.  Part 3 of the series, “Unsung Songs of Spain” (FOS3) showcases Spanish composers who are mostly unknown in this country, such as Federico Longàs and Jordi Sabatés, as well as little-heard songs of better-known composers, such as Amadeu Vives, Eduard Toldrà and Fernando Obradors.  You will be amazed at the beauty and sensuality of this music, some of which you will be hearing for the first time.  An interpretation in dance of several of the songs will be performed by dancer *, who is joining EGMP for the first time.

March 2017
If you love the sound of Spanish music and want to learn to present it authentically and beautifully, this course is for you.  Performers who want to master and perform Spanish art song should know that its performance is unlike that of any other art song.  The course begins with a look at the historical and cultural elements which merged to create the unique sound of Spanish music; these are essential to understanding authentic performance of this genre.  The course further illustrates the performance practice and style of this art form through specific practice tips and recorded illustrations.  Also included are recorded snippets of the finest performances of Spanish art song, which demonstrate the performance elements studied in the course, with pointers on how to apply these elements to your own performance.
This course is for singers, and for pianists and guitarists who accompany singers.  It is appropriate for those who are practiced at this genre, as well as those who are new to it.  It comes complete, so you can do the course on your own schedule.  And the price is right for everyone!

April 2017, Midtown West, New York City
CONCERTS FOR HEALING: The Impossible Dream
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is the third concert in the Concerts for Healing™ concert series, a multimedia performance series focusing on issues of health and ecology, entertaining through beautiful music while educating about important issues.  The Impossible Dream is the counterpart to the KALEIDOSCOPE™ concert, which focused on positive ways we can support ourselves and our communities in being mentally healthy. THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM furthers that theme, this time focusing on how we can cultivate the unique human attributes of courage, faith and determination in our lives.  As with all concerts in this series, we draw on multiple creative artists and media to present multi-genre music for all generations.

TheaterCurtainEarthApril 2017
LIVING MUSIC:  Enlivening – Online/Email Course
This course will take you through an inner and outer exploration that will enhance your singing, your music, your physical and mental health, and your fulfillment in your chosen field.  The course will be presented through an online Google group.  You can participate through the website or email or both, so if you have access to an email account, you can join us.  Although the group interaction will be supportive and useful, privacy will also be available by emailing me directly instead of posting to the group.  The course lasts for six weeks and is geared toward singers but appropriate for anyone in the music field.

June 2017, Midtown West, New York City
THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN, PART 4:  Noches, Noches
Part 4, Noches, Noches, explores the rich and moving musical culture of the Sephardim (Spanish Jews), sung entirely in Ladino.  There will be opportunities for audience participation, and this concert will be particularly appealing to Jewish organizations.

* * *


EGMP is looking for performers, creative artists and technicians with somewhat of a renegade spirit who would love to work together to create something different, beautiful, musical, artistic and awesomely inspiring.  Benefits—besides a paycheck, media publicity and resume credit—are being part of a continual community which supports creative growth and expression.

If you are a singer, instrumentalist or creative artist or technician and you’re interested in this kind of experience, there is likely a place for you at EGMP.  Please do get in touch with me and, in addition to your resume and a video or mp3, include what your aspirations are creatively (because I want to make sure you are supported in achieving them!).  And, although not a requirement, I am always interested in folks who have multiple skills, e.g., a singer who also knows lights or a pianist who knows marketing.  If you have multiple skills, follow the lead of actors’ resumes, and list all skills that might possibly be of use at the bottom of your resume (or in your email to me at  My goal is to have at least two people on our roster for each voice or instrument we need so that there is always one available (performers travel a lot!)

Personnel needs for our upcoming season are:

  • Dancer: Solid dance experience, along with either choreographic or improvisatory experience, and a referral.  Comfortable with both classical and modern techniques.
  • Percussionist/drummer:  Jazz standards, Latin, folk, pop (any or all). Prefer someone who plays bongos and knows how to utilize a light touch to fit with our (almost all) acoustic performances.
  • Guitarist:  Spanish art song, Sephardic, Latin, folk, pop (any or all).
  • Tenor:  Crossover artist comfortable with opera, Spanish art song, Sephardic and musical theater (any or all, but at least two).  Natural acting skills.
  • Baritone:  Crossover artist comfortable with opera, Spanish art song, Sephardic and musical theater (any or all, but at least two).  Natural acting skills.

I will be posting specific jobs individually on Facebook as they come up.  If you haven’t liked the ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™ (EGMP) Facebook page yet, please do so if you would like to learn of the jobs when they first become available:

I hope to see you soon at one of our shows!


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