Serving Manhattan’s West Side (Chelsea to Washington Heights)

Need a Helping Hand?

I can handle your overload in multiple arenas,
assist you with technical or computer issues,
help you run a social media campaign or create a website,
and care for the people, plants and animals in your life,
giving you more freedom to be who you are, and do what you want to do.

Personal Assistance

  • Organization and overload (computer, personal, professional)
  • Large projects
  • Research (personal or professional)
  • Writing, editing, proofreading, technical writing
  • Notary Public, State of New York, County of New York
  • Shopping
  • Scheduling
  • Social media presence or campaigns
  • Meditation lessons
  • Voice lessons
  • Concert programs or ads
  • Assistance with health/emotional issues
  • Elder care (quality time together, outings, scheduling, healthcare)
  • Vacation pet and plant care

Technical Assistance

  • Training: All aspects of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, beginner to advanced levels; also PhotoScore, HTML, CSS, FTP
  • Training in use of MS Outlook organizational features and other effective organizational techniques
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting (computer/software/document)
  • Computer customization (macros/templates/styles)
  • Data input (type 100+wpm) (English, Spanish, French, Italian)
  • Professional formatting of documents (e.g. proposals, financials)
  • Digital transcription (e.g., book dictation, meetings)
  • Sheet music: convert/transcribe/transpose
  • Websites: create, maintain, develop, edit
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Newsletters, forms, brochures, charts

Personal AssistanceHelp is on the way…
Are you drowning in a sea of obligations? Is your task list overwhelming? Do you need help with organization, project management, research, writing, editing or proofreading? Could you use some assistance with health or emotional issues in your life? With decades of experience in computer technology, writing and holistic health, I have a unique approach to supporting you in achieving ease and health in all aspects of your personal life. I can assist you in handling overload in multiple arenas, help with research, do copy editing or writing, or provide organizational support. And as a counselor and holistic healer, as well as a teacher of meditation and classes on health and healing, I can help you de-stress your life and bring health back into the picture. A patient and organized teacher, I love supporting people in accomplishing their life tasks with ease and confidence. I have been told by those with whom I have worked that I have a calming influence, particularly in stressful situations. When it comes to practical matters, I assess the task at hand, whether large or small, come up with practical and efficient strategies, and implement them with a minimum of time and fuss, with great attention to detail, clarity and accuracy.
womansmashinglaptopYour computer is your friend…
Do you see your computer as an adversary? A mystery? Something you would rather not deal with? Would you like for your computer to be a time-saver instead of a time-waster? Do you need to learn software?  I can help you make your computer your friend – something that makes your life easier and more enjoyable, earns you more money and saves you time. With an extensive background in IT (Information Technology) applications and administration, Help Desk assistance, software training, word processing, imaging, web maintenance and legal support of all kinds, I offer a broad range of professional computer assistance. As a trainer for over two decades, I trained 100+ legal professionals and private individuals in the use of Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and other software applications, all levels from beginner to advanced. I also teach HTML/CSS and PhotoScore.  In addition to years of experience mastering the use of software, I hold Microsoft® certifications in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, and would love to show you ways to increase ease and efficiency in your life using their many advanced (and not-so-advanced) features, as well as have some fun with them!
holdingseniorshandElder care.  Do you have elderly relatives who need care or companionship? I have a great fondness for people in their golden years and love to spend time with them, making sure their health and happiness are fully supported. The perspective of people in this age group is different from others, and they feel most comfortable with someone who understands this. I have a degree in Counseling Psychology / Human Development (SUNY), was certified in CPR/First Aid, and have been a holistic health practitioner for many years. catdogwhiteroseNeed TLC?
Do you have plants or animals who need tender loving care while you enjoy a much-needed vacation? An animal and plant lover, I’m happy to make your non-human companions comfortable and content while you are away. I can also handle your mail and glean communication so that you can rest assured that you won’t miss anything important while you relax.


Computer, IT, Legal

Worked for law firms for 35 years in positions including Applications Administrator (IT Department), help desk/software troubleshooting, application maintenance and development, template/macro creation and rollout, document production, word processing (specialties in financials and prospectuses), graphics/digital imaging, PowerPoint presentations (including copy editing, format, running technical during seminars), document CD production (with linked indices), software training, testing applicants, software technical writing, project management, publication formatting, monthly newsletter production, website development / maintenance, business development projects, and live support during closings and litigation deadlines. I also taught software and provided applications assistance through my own computer company, Elena’s Computerworks, to attorneys and support staff for a year and a half. For complete computer and legal experience, please see my Computer Resume.


  • Have been published in Psychology Today blog, Classical Singer magazine and on Kindle
  • Write and maintain my own blog: www.elenagreco.com/blog
  • Wrote two plain-English technical manuals about Microsoft® Word for law firms
  • Wrote over 100 “how-to” guides for specific tasks in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and many other applications
  • Wrote Tip of the Week email series with tips for time-saving use of applications
  • Currently writing a book about trauma, expected to publish late 2017

Counseling, Health, Transformation

I have years of experience and training in group and private practice, certifications in a variety of healing modalities, and advanced study and practice in the areas of psychology, communication, physiology, nutrition, Ayurveda, meditation and the body-mind relationship. Selected credentials:

  • B.A. degree in Counseling Psychology/Human Development (SUNY)
  • Certification in CranioSacral therapy
  • Certification in BRETH™, a transformational context and practice for healing and communication
  • Certification in MariEl™ healing by founder Ethel Lombardi, one of the ten original masters of Reiki healing in this country
  • Certification as a Bach Flower Remedy® practitioner
  • Certification in CPR/First Aid

Prices are dependent on the job. However, you will not find a more reasonable fee for the work I offer. Please contact me for a quote, letting me know exactly what you need for me to do for you.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Elena at egreco@elenagreco.com.

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