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Next meeting: TBA.
Upper West Side, New York City

To reserve your place, contact Elena Greco at the Salon form or by email.

Please note:  This is a FRAGRANCE-FREE event so that attendees who have allergies and asthma can be comfortable.
Also, there is a strict 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Elena’s Counseling/Teaching Bio

THE MUSIC SALON™ provides an audience and community of fellow artists who are committed to accessing one’s deepest creative selves without judgment or egocentric motives. Most of all, we enjoy coming together to make music! We welcome musicians of any instrument or genre, but are particularly supportive of the needs of singers.

I began the Salon eight years ago because I wanted to provide a place for performers to perform for each other in a relaxed and enjoyable setting that promotes creativity. Also, as I mention at the start of every Salon, I want to provide a place for community, something that is often difficult to find in the performing world.

We always have a terrific accompanist assisting us, one who is aligned with the purpose of THE MUSIC SALON. We meet on the Upper West Side of Manhattan every first Sunday of the month. The Music Salon is open to acoustic vocalists and instrumentalists of any genre; poets and lyricists are welcome to read their work, as well. It is not open to the public or to spectators in order to maintain a safe and comfortable space for the creative artists. If you are interested in joining us, or know of someone who might be, you are warmly invited to let me know by emailing me.

Most months THE MUSIC SALON focuses on performance. Several months during the year, the Salon offers workshops or master classes that serve and engage us as creative artists, offering information, experience, healing or insight in the space of our community.

A large part of the business for singers and other musicians is auditioning and competing. That is exactly the kind of performance experience that squelches creativity and encourages us to perform in ways that are expected or that are designed solely to impress, rather than allowing the creative impulse from deep within to infuse the performance with life – and infusing a performance with life is essential to moving the audience and to becoming a great artist. THE MUSIC SALON provides a way for you to make the creative artist more available to you in performance, and offers you a chance to experience relating to the audience in a different way – something I think is particularly important at this time in order to bring people back to live music. I’ve brought what I know as a counselor and healer about creating a safe and transformative space for people to explore their creative muse to the atmosphere I create for THE MUSIC SALON.

See below for related links. Come join us, and have a great time singing, noshing and networking!

The Music Salon™ Personnel Bios  *  The Music Salon™ Past Programs  *  The Music Salon™ Pianist
Elena’s Counseling/Teaching Bio

The image is “St. Cecilia and the Angel” by Carlo Saraceni (Italian Baroque).

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