The Singing Body


Presented by
Elena Greco

Sunday, July 8, 2018, 3:30 pm
Upper West Side, New York, NY
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THE SINGING BODY™ Workshop, specifically for singers, focuses on the physicality of singing. Learn how to bring more vitality and freedom into your singing by freeing the body. Dynamic coaching by an outstanding bodyworker who is also a holistic vocal coach, Richard Gordon, will make this an experience that makes a lasting impression. He uses his well-studied background in Feldenkrais, Alexander and other bodywork and movement modalities, along with his innate intuitive skills and understanding of anatomy, to support the singer in finding freedom with their singing.  Elena Greco brings her holistic approach to healing to singing, as well, and will present ways to be fully present in the body, even in the face of performance anxiety, and bring a relaxed, focused mind and energetic physical presence to singing. Everyone will have an opportunity to sing and to receive coaching (if desired).

The Presenters

TBA. [To come]
Elena Greco.  Elena is a singer, writer, producer/director and integrative holistic coach with a lifelong commitment to promoting the power and flow of creativity in all of us. As a coach, she offers transformational work that promotes mental and physical health and creative freedom. Her primary creative focus is producing multimedia projects through EGMP that entertain, educate and enliven, and on facilitating groups that simultaneously educate and heal. To further her intention to bring healing through music, Elena hosts THE MUSIC SALON™ monthly to provide a haven for creative artists to share their art among colleagues and receive support in their creative process. An opera singer and specialist in Spanish art song, she is equally at home in cabaret and musical theater.

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