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Being a singer poses demands that no other professional has to face. With an instrument that is organic and sentient, there are unique challenges. Also, like acting, it is a profession fraught with rejection. And in modern times, it is very much a business, and the people who decide our fate professionally (if we choose to let them) are interested only in what sells, sometimes with no eye or concern for authentic creative expression. Maintaining ourselves as healthy vehicles for creativity is often a challenge. It is my intention to support singers in being supremely healthy and vibrant performers, and in bringing their whole being freely, authentically and creatively to their performing.

Pertinent issues. I hope that you will gain something from the SINGERS portion of my BLOG, which addresses the particular challenges we face as singers.

Practical needs: There are links below to recommendations for the various professionals, services and products that we need to do our job, stay sane and healthy, and grow spiritually, creatively and professionally.

Health. Sometimes the key to improving your singing is learning to listen and respond to what your voice and body are telling you from within, so I have also included references to items and professionals who can assist you in that quest. In order for your music to be fulfilling for you and uplifting and entertaining for your audience, your whole being must be available to your art, not just your technique. In order to perform with your whole being, you need to be healthy in mind and body, as well as technique.

Recommendations. Rather than being a complete resource – for example, a list of every coach in New York City – I only post recommendations for people or things that I can whole-heartedly endorse. Most I have used myself or have personal knowledge of; occasionally I take the word of a trusted friend or colleague when they highly recommend a person, service or product.

I require that those I recommend have, above all, a respectful, pleasant and compassionate attitude toward the singer and those they work with. There are a multitude of excellent music professionals in this city, but only a handful who meet that criterion. Being a singer is a difficult job, and we need to work with people who are kind and supportive, not those who tear us down or do not support us in being our absolute best. While tastes differ and temperaments need to match, standards of excellence, integrity, compassion and good manners are things most people agree on. To my knowledge, the professionals listed on this page meet those standards. If you find that not to be the case, please let me know. And if you work with the professionals below, please do mention that you found them here!


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