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On Singing: My Philosophy of Teaching Voice

FREE AS A BIRD!  Sing with the same abandon and naturalness as a songbird – and your singing career can last as long as you do. Combining bel canto essentials, effective breath flow, and resolution of both musical and non-musical obstacles, I teach an organic technique that encourages freedom of expression and longevity of the voice.

When we listen to singing, we experience a direct communication of the musician’s emotions and essence. Singing is much more than vocal technique! Addressing the body and mind as a whole is an essential part of mastering the art and science of singing and my approach to teaching incorporates that.

In addition, there is a way of viewing our singing as part of the larger picture of our lives. I can help you with all that entails.

Whatever your age or performing level, you are welcome at my studio to explore the issues that are pressing for you in your singing.

As a holistic voice teacher, my integrated approach to working with singers includes:

  • Teaching foundations of breathing, airflow, bel canto technique, passaggio and registers;
  • Teaching sensory development and body awareness as they relate to singing;
  • Teaching healthy, effective crossover technique for classical singers who want to sing musical theater or popular music authentically without harming their classical technique;
  • Teaching music theory/notation, sight singing, music history/style/traditions;
  • Helping you keep your voice—and body and mind—healthy while living the challenging lifestyle of a professional singer;
  • Coaching you on achieving your singing and performing goals;
  • Coaching you on presenting yourself astutely to companies and directors in order to ensure that you get auditions and jobs; and
  • Coaching you on life issues, such as:
    • living your values or life purpose as you pursue your singing
    • developing strategies for managing obstacles (we all have them) in the most effective manner
    • discovering your unconscious tendencies and releasing them
    • learning life skills such as meditation which can support you through difficulties, allow you to achieve your goals or aspirations, and be more of who you really are more of the time
    • expanding your vision of what singing can be in your life and manifesting that

People I can help:

  • Singers ages 15 and up, beginner to advanced level, who want to master healthy vocal technique and communicate easily with the voice in any genre
  • Singers who want to achieve their creative goals
  • Singers who want to address and conquer non-vocal issues that impact their singing, such as performance anxiety, health issues, life challenges, emotional or psychological issues
  • Singers who want to live life fully and fulfill their life purpose, all the while singing freely and beautifully
  • Classical singers who want to learn to “belt” and/or sing musical theater and popular music while maintaining good, healthy “classical” technique
  • Older singers returning to singing after a hiatus

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EG1croppedBiography.   My name is Elena Greco. I’m a holistic voice teacher, singer, writer, counselor and meditation teacher. I love to teach singers to sing with personal freedom and create memorable performances. I work with singers at all levels and in most genres who want to communicate easily with the voice using bel canto-based healthy technique and breathing, and also address non-vocal issues that impact singing, such as performance anxiety or health issues.

As a mezzo-soprano, I sing a wide range of genres and styles. As an opera singer, my focus is on the full lyric mezzo French, Italian and verismo repertoire. I am particularly dedicated to Spanish art song, and I’m equally at home in French mélodies, musical theater, American songbook and jazz. I always strive to convey the essence of the music in its natural style. Also trained as a classical pianist, I used to play jazz flute, was once a harpist, and occasionally compose. Whatever the genre, I want the audience to be inspired and thoroughly entertained.

I have a degree in Counseling Psychology, I hold certifications in CPR/First Aid, BRETH™ (breathwork) and CranioSacral™ therapy, among others, and I have been a holistic health practitioner for many years. My background includes three decades of experience and training in leading groups and working with individuals, and four decades of focused study in the areas of psychology, communication, meditation, nutrition, physiology, Ayurveda, herbology, and the body-mind relationship. (For more information about my healing arts background, click here: Counseling/Teaching Bio.)

To further my intention to bring healing through music and support performers, I created these projects:

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