NEWSLETTER – 2014 No. 1

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NEWSLETTER – 2014 No. 1

by Elena Greco


August 3, 2014

Hello, again!  It’s been a while, but I’m finally getting back to the Newsletter after a long hibernation … um, hiatus.  Sorry to be away so long, but like the bear above, I was “hibernating” for about six months, recuperating from an illness (more about that in another post), recharging my batteries and experiencing stillness and totally updating my life plan.  Now I’m setting the stage for the next phase of my life.  The rest of the year is jam-packed with big changes and new adventures!

But before I begin, I must offer my apologies for the delay in finishing the blog series on Accompanying.  Please rest assured that your many responses to my request for your input were greatly appreciated and are being put to good use.  I am not reneging on my commitment to write that series on the very important art of accompanying, but after almost finishing it, I simply had to put it on hold for a time.  I have been ill for quite a while with a health issue that was hard to diagnose and treat, and I am finally getting to the other side of that.  Now I am working diligently on digging my way out of all the backlog resulting from that downtime.

Getting back to the news … it’s nice that when you have a clear intention, and no unconscious resistance to it, the Universe provides you with the means to realize it very easily. Note the date of my previous blog about my life as an artist (, in which I state that it is time for me to combine the several pieces of my life into one seamless tapestry.

September 28, 2013

… As for my own path, it seems that the time has come to merge the three professions in a more complete way now. My own website contains links to all of my professions (although you might have a hard time finding the computer one), but they are still segregated. I am beginning to merge the three tentacles of my professional life in ways that feel natural and apropos. In the multimedia productions I am producing, for example, music and healing and technology unite. I am beginning to bring healing, slowly but surely, into The Music Salon so that it is a complete experience for the artists. And I am finding that I need to bring my healing skills into my computer profession to a greater degree than I already have. I currently do computer work for a law firm, so that idea is perhaps a bit outrageous and certainly a challenge. But it no longer feels natural or healthy to attempt to divide myself into pieces, something I never really felt I did on a personal level, but certainly did professionally for the reasons I gave at the beginning of this post. …

Precisely six months after that declaration of my intention at the end of September, without any further action or contemplation on my part, I was unexpectedly presented with the perfect circumstances to do exactly that. This Newsletter is about my new life.

Changes in the Works

The Newsletter.  I’ve decided that the Newsletter should be about News!

  • Two previous sections of the Newsletter, the Seen and Heard section, with reviews and commentary on books, art, videos and concerts, and Thoughts, a commentary on current events and various topics, will now be posted in a separate Blog section of their own.
  • I’m adding a new health-related series, Living Health, which will provide current, relevant, practical and exciting news about maintaining and supporting our health in all aspects.

Writing.  I will also be devoting a large amount of time to writing now – something I have had a very strong urge to do for a long time.  I am a rather private person, and it seems odd to me to “come out of closet” with regard to my writing and teaching on health and transformation, to share what I know in a public forum, but it is being made crystal clear to me that the time to do that has come.

Time. It’s funny, but now that my time is my own and I have freedom to schedule it as I choose, I find that I’m less willing to waste it. So I will spend less time on Facebook, which has been occupying too much of my time. A pleasant way to socialize, stay in touch with friends around the globe and get relevant news, Facebook is also a major time suck and seems to devour hours of my time without my even realizing it. So … I’ll check in on Facebook on weekends and on one day a week now. If you are disappointed that I don’t seem to be interacting with you as much (or maybe you miss my many nature pix or Monsanto rants!), please do drop me an email and we can chat on the phone or meet for lunch, which is really a healthier and more satisfying way to connect, anyway. The primary benefit of Facebook for me is that it allows me to catch up or stay in touch with people I know all over the world, and I will still do that, albeit less often. For those of you here in New York, it’s oh so much more enjoyable to actually see you in person!

Ring me up!  I now have a social life for the first time in 20 years.  If you haven’t heard from me yet, looking to meet up for coffee or lunch to catch up, feel free to give me a call.

sunfloweronredreversedLivelihood.  I will no longer be doing the legal/technical office job I used for the last few decades to support my creative and healing.  Instead, I will be supporting individuals through ELENA’S LIFESTYLE SUPPORT™ (  Although I will obviously continue to offer technical support and instruction, my intention is to incorporate people-centered services so that working with individuals in a more personal way will soon constitute half of my practice.

As I mentioned previously in a Facebook post, my intention is to make the world a better place and assist the individuals in it in living their lives with greater happiness, ease and effectiveness. It is, and has always been, my intention to bring assistance and entertainment to people in whatever way I can (I consider entertainment to be an important part of our lives). I am grateful that I can now devote myself fully to offering a variety of services which support individuals with whatever they might require in order to live their lives to the fullest and with more ease, such as computer/web assistance, software training, research, writing, household assistance, healthcare, counseling and consciousness work. And there will be much more time devoted now to writing, teaching, transformational workshops and multimedia performances.


Meditation for Creatives™

lotus1MEDITATION FOR CREATIVES™ is a new series under the ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™ umbrella. These workshops will be offered every third Sunday of the month from 3:00-5:00 pm in a series of four sessions, with a couple of months off between series.

The practice of meditation, the foundation of many spiritual practices and philosophies, is ancient. Meditation can be defined as a self-directed practice which sometimes utilizes a specific technique to attain an alert but relaxed mental state which carries us deep inside. From that place, we can more easily connect with our deepest Self. Many people find that the group energy in a safe environment helps them to go even deeper in this practice.

One important thing I have learned about meditation is that most meditation teachers teach you how to do a technique that is (sometimes) conducive to meditation, but often do not teach you what meditation really is. There is a problem there: the technique is not the experience. One does not necessarily lead to the other. And doing the technique without having the experience will not lead you to enlightenment, or relaxation, or equanimity, or whatever your particular purpose for meditating is.

In this workshop I will show you experientially what meditation is, and some ways to get there that might work for you, and I do them in a particular environment that I create in the way that I create my healing groups. True meditation can make a profound difference in your life, and your creative work, in ways you might not suspect.

The Music Salon™

Saraceni-St-Cecilia-and-the-AngelThe Music Salon™ continues, starting in September, with August off as our vacation, as I indicated last year.

After contemplating how to make The Music Salon more effective for its members, I came to the realization that although I had stated my intention to provide a space in which performers could explore and expand creatively, and had indeed offered such a space – free of the usual judgment, with myself available for support, and a gifted accompanist who is aligned with this purpose – it seemed to me that people had not really grasped the opportunity to grow creatively in the way in which I had hoped. I am not in any way saying that I was unhappy or dissatisfied, but rather that I felt that I had not succeeded in offering the transformation I had hoped for, and I wanted to do that.

To that purpose, I will be assuming a bit more of a facilitating role in The Music Salon now, utilizing the skills and techniques I use in my healing work to support performers in having an experience of expanding creatively in the direction in which they want to go. Performers will always be given a free choice not to have assistance or feedback, or not to utilize the techniques I suggest, but for those who choose to use what is offered, I predict transformation and authentic performing!

This year at The Music Salon, in addition to the usual performance sessions focusing on expanding creatively which are held every second Sunday of the month, the following workshops will be offered at that time as part of the series (all offer performance opportunities):

  • The Spanish Art Song Workshop™ will be offered twice.
  • A session on Italian Art Song will be offered once.
  • A session incorporating the mind-body physicality of performing will be offered once. This will include information, exercises and hands-on work offered by a bodyworker and teacher who works with performers.  The session will include performing after the physical work.



Midnight-Boogie-PykermanI will be performing at a jazz club at the end of August, singing jazz standards from the 30s and 40s. Yes, that’s right – jazz! This will be my first foray into the jazz world – and my first time using a mic. As a newbie to this type of venue, I would be grateful for any support, especially in the form of showing up at my set! Details to come, on Facebook and by email, when this happens. And no, I haven’t stopped singing classical music or any of the other genres I perform. This is just a small adventure to see how far I can expand in this niche – or maybe to find out that it isn’t for me. But how else to know if I don’t try? I plan to have fun, first and foremost, and hope you will come to egg me on, and to join me for a drink afterwards.


kwebKALEIDOSCOPE™ is now underway! While the ELEMENTS™ concert, the sister concert in the CONCERTS FOR HEALING™ series, honored the elements of the Earth and explored how we can each contribute to the health of the planet, KALEIDOSCOPE explores our own health, specifically the spectrum – or kaleidoscope – of human emotions, the highs and lows of human existence.

The concert begins with a video which examines how we each can create true emotional health for ourselves and our communities, and includes relevant topics and practices, and current vital information. The video is followed by a concert of music that encompasses the kaleidoscope of human emotions through multiple genres, including musical theater, jazz standards, Latin jazz and pop. Leave this concert informed, inspired and happy!

The Flavor of Spain™ Part 3:  Unsung Songs of Spain

flamencocoupleUnsung Songs of Spain, which is Part 3 of THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ concert series, showcases littleknown Spanish composers and littleheard songs of betterknown composers of Spain. All I can say is that the music is exquisite, and that much of it you will never have heard before.

As I mentioned in a previous Newsletter, I will be contacting the estate and/or publisher of a certain delicious Spanish composer who will be showcased on FOS3 to discuss the possibility of sharing the sheet music I have obtained from the Catalan Library in Spain with other singers, if at all possible, as well as transpositions of that music.  Cross your fingers!

Latin Concert

I will be combining the Latin jazz sets of Elements™ and Kaleidoscope™ together with the Sephardic folk music sets from the first three concerts in The Flavor of Spain™ series to create an entire concert of Latin music (name TBD).

A special element of this concert will be a tribute to the Argentinean composer, poet, Spanish teacher and impresario, Bernardo Palombo, and we will be performing three of his songs.

Elena Greco Multimedia Productions™


I have also decided to make information about EGMP a separate category in the Blog now, so be sure to watch for an update very shortly about what’s in its future – and possibly yours!  There will be three EGMP concerts this year, and personnel will be needed for all of them.  In addition, an opera is in the works.  I will expand on these items and more in the next EGMP blog post.

Well, I will not wait so long to post the next Newsletter. Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to seeing you again in the next edition of the Newsletter!

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