Elena Greco is a published writer, professional opera singer (with ventures into musical theater and jazz), producer/director of a music production company and integrative counselor.  As a writer, she maintains a personal blog and has been published on Kindle and in national publications, including Psychology Today and Classical Singer; she has a new book coming out on Kindle soon about trauma.  She writes about the creative arts, psychology, communication, persuasion, health, social issues, culture and politics. Reach her at egreco@elenagreco.com or find her on the web at www.elenagreco.com.

Here you will find her Blog Posts and Articles: The Blog.

Two articles she wrote were recently published in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY:
The Psychology of Performance
Simple Everyday Actions That Support Mental Health

Her article, “Overcoming Performance Anxiety,” was published in the March 2016 issue of CLASSICAL SINGER:
Overcoming Performance Anxiety, CLASSICAL SINGER March 2016

See her latest books here:

HEALING: What It Is and How to Get It
Addressing Addiction, PTSD and the Issues of Our Time
Healing (for book)

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