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Elena’s Vlog-#002-Labels (01/13/20)

EGMP-Creativity Interview #1-Elena Greco (02/02/17)

Elena’s Vlog-#001-Intro (12/05/19)

One Comment

  1. I loved your vlog on labels! As part of the over 55 set, my feeling for some time has been that it’s hard enough to deal with an aging mind and body without being relegated to a specially labeled subset of humanity. I even, personally, hate the terms ‘senior’, or ‘silver’. They all seem to reduce the possibilities (realistic or not) that I perceive for myself at this point in time. Can’t those of us who are older just be people? Of course, your vlog duscusses judgments and labels in a broader context, but this was one part that resonated for me. I realize that others may have a different reaction to some of these labels; if so, I’d love to hear your point of view!

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