2020 February

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February always brings to mind Valentine’s Day, a celebration of romantic love. But that sort of love, sometimes called eros, is often more about hormones than love. I’m interested in the love that is more than an emotion, the love that is compassion, sometimes called agape, an unconditional, all-encompassing, expansive inclusion of the other. How do we get some of that, you might ask?

There is no pill for lack of love in our heart. But there is something simple and small that might help in these difficult times, when it seems that an awful lot of unpleasant and hate-filled behavior is being directed towards us, the sort of behavior that makes us harden our hearts and lose touch with love. It’s this: Find what opens your heart, even for a moment. Pictures of puppies? Walking in nature? Heart-warming vignettes of people helping others? Add that thing to your daily life in some way, no matter how small.

For me, experiencing nature does it, so I take weekday walks in Central Park. Animals have always had that effect on me, in particular cats and goats (yes, goats), so I belong to some Facebook groups that post pictures of their animals. I've begun to start my day with a Maine Coon Cat’s sunrise river journeys in Germany on a Facebook page called “LouisWildlife.” The quiet beauty of the sunrise, with a majestic cat at the helm of a small kayak, unexpected wildlife sightings, the gentle, rhythmic motion of the boat and the sound of water lapping are somehow life-affirming and heart-opening to me. And most of all, beauty, especially in art and architecture, makes me go “ahhh,” so I have pictures I love on the walls of my apartment where I see them constantly. In other words, I include nature, animals and beauty in my daily life, because those things make my heart soften. So what is your heart-opening magic button?
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LIFE IN BALANCE is a multi-part series exploring health–what it is, how to get it and how to maintain it, easily and naturally. I of course think of performers when writing this series, as their professional lives depend on their health, but the series is for everyone.

Read the first installment here:
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Did you know I'm a classical music and food reviewer? Yes, it's true! I write for my own blog and also freelance for online publications. I'll share more about this in the March Newsletter.

In the mean time, if you know of a fabulous or interesting performance coming up, please let me know! I might be inspired to write about it.

My food review series, The Frugal Diner, offers down-to-earth but discriminating reviews of restaurants from Washington Heights to Times Square in New York, as well as eateries around the globe, that will help you eat deliciously and not break the bank! You’ll see more about it in the next Newsletter and read some reviews.

And if you have favorite restaurants, diners or cafés on the west side of Manhattan between Times Square and Washington Heights, or in London not too far from Paddington Station, let me know, and I'll give them a whirl!


THE MUSIC SALON™ meets again on Sunday, April 5, at 2:30! Singers, email me with your rep no later than Thursday, April 2, to reserve your place. Click here for more info: THE MUSIC SALON.

I'm looking for pianists to add to the Salon roster to join us in the future. It can be a rewarding gig! See more about it here: THE MUSIC SALON™ PIANIST. After reading the linked page, drop me a line if you're interested (send materials / recordings) or if you know of someone who might be interested.
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THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN, Part 3: Unsung Songs of Spain concert is coming up in just a few months (date TBA)! The music is absolutely gorgeous!

If you want to contact me now about joining us, please send the usual materials and recordings or videos. It is possible that I will not announce auditions, so definitely let me know if you're interested. More information will follow in March when production begins.

SOPRANO. Lyric coloratura or lyric soprano with warmth, flexibility, easy top.
TENOR. Substantial lyric or lyric spinto tenor for some meaty Spanish rep.
PIANIST. Strong in Romantic rep, experienced, great at supporting singers.

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