2020 No. 10

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There are only two more Newsletters before one of the most important elections our country has faced, one which might well determine whether our democracy continues, so let's talk about voting one more time (the last time, I promise; next issue there'll be pretty pix again!).

Sustaining our democracy. We know that there will likely be many more Republicans voting at the poll and many more Democrats voting by mail. That means that, at first, on election night, the election might seem to favor the Republican Presidential candidate (Trump) as poll results come in, but that, as mail-in ballots are counted (which might take several days or more), the Democratic candidate will likely pull ahead, potentially winning. Assuming that to be true, many pundits assume that Trump will push to declare "victory" early, long before the mail-in ballots are counted, and then use various tactics to discount the mail-in ballots which haven't yet been counted. There are a lot of possibilities, but we can expect the unexpected, shenanigans on all fronts, and we should think offensively to ensure the safety of our country. But there's no need to give in to fear! If we all do our job, the outcome will be positive.

Make it work! The best thing we can do to ensure a healthy election is to 1) vote early and 2) vote at the polls if possible. If you must vote by mail, drop it off or send it in NOW so that it can be counted as soon as possible, rather than after election day when things could get dicey and mail-in votes could even be left uncounted. Do make sure you follow all instructions to the letter (sign, date, seal, place in second envelope etc.) so that there is no possibility of your vote being thrown out. Since the mail has been slowed down, your best bet for ensuring it’s counted is to drop off your ballot at an election board or polling place rather than mailing it. If you do vote by mail, place two first-class stamps on your ballot so that it will arrive on time (prepaid bulk-rate mail is too slow).

Make it big! The way to avoid the unthinkable happening to our country is to have a LANDSLIDE victory for Biden and for the Democrats. That means we need for EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT to vote! This is a real possibility!
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Info. Voting information pertinent to your state can be found here: VOTE. And Stephen Colbert has a great page, Better Know a Ballot.
Other ways to help get out the vote.
- If you have kids in college, make sure they’re registered and know where to vote. Voting in College
- If you have elderly or disabled friends, relatives or neighbors, make sure they’re registered and have help for getting to the polls or mailing their ballot.
- Due to the pandemic, there’s a shortage of poll workers, so if you can, volunteer to help out by being a poll worker—the pay is pretty good! Power the Polls
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If you want to know more about me and my work, click here and here.
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TECH TIPS: Em dash or en dash (Word/Outlook).

Em dash (—). This long dash is used to set off phrases in the middle of a sentence. There should be no spaces before or after the em dash (e.g. "I strongly feel that art—the product of the artist—stands apart from the artist."). To get it:
  • press CTRL+ALT [left hand]+[the dash at the upper right of the numeric keypad].
En dash (–). This medium-long dash is used for sequences of figures (e.g. there were 25–100 people). To get it:
  • press CTRL+[the dash at the upper right of the numeric keypad].
Exception. Recently the en dash has come to be used in place of the em dash to set off phrases at times due to Microsoft’s autocorrect feature in Word and Outlook. Autocorrect produces an en dash when the user types a word followed by two hyphens, a space, and a word (e.g. "I strongly feel that art -- the product of the artist -- stands apart from the artist " automatically becomes "I strongly feel that art – the product of the artist – stands apart from the artist "). Used in this way, unlike the em dash there should be a space before and after the en dash. This usage is controversial, as it was formerly incorrect, but is becoming more common due to technology.
Connect! Drop me a line at egreco@elenagreco.com with questions or comments or just to say hi. Let me know what's happening in your corner of the world!
If you're seeing this Newsletter on social media or the web
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