2020 No. 11

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100116a Empire State wm
When I started to look for a picture for this Newsletter issue, an image immediately popped into my head of a photo I took a few years back—one with a purple sky! This unedited photo reminds me of the reason so many of us choose to live in New York City: anything seems possible! Even a purple sky! And I know that although this was around midnight, if you could have seen beyond the subway entrance walls on the left, you would have seen people playing chess and ping-pong in Bryant Park—at midnight under a purple sky.

The picture was taken at 42nd Street looking down Sixth Avenue at the Empire State Building. Most people know that the the building changes its light display colors daily to reflect various themes and holidays. But those who live here also know that there are often heavy clouds around the top of the building, and if you look at it from certain vantage points at night, the clouds reflect the color of the lights, making it look as though we have a colored sky. (I love this so much I took a whole series of these photos).

But really, it's not just in the Big Apple. Anything is possible, anywhere, any time. It’s just that our viewpoint is narrowed to encompass only that which seems possible, within the usual, (even if tacitly) agreed-upon boundaries. Now, in the middle of a pandemic which has brought our lives to a halt and kept us from our usual routines, we might really want things to be when we return to “normal.” That will be one of our greatest opportunities to create the “impossible,” when our usual viewpoint has been changed at least for a short time. Don't forget that playing ping-pong under a purple sky at midnight is possible!
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Newsletter 2020 No. 10
Info. Voting information pertinent to your state can be found here: VOTE! And Stephen Colbert has a great page, Better Know a Ballot.
If you're voting by mail-in ballot:
- Make sure you use BOTH envelopes, and follow all instructions (sign, date, witness).
- If you're in a battleground state—Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin—as well as Texas and South Carolina, it would be great if you could vote at the polls if you feel safe doing so, as those states are most likely to have mail-in ballots contested or other shenanigans afoot.
If you're voting at the polls:
- Vote early if you can. Bring photo ID.
- If you're voting early, your voting location might be different from your usual place (mine is), so verify on one of the pages above.
- Don't wear political statements (hats, tees); they will not let you vote.
- If polls close while you’re in line to vote, don’t leave. They have to let you vote.
- Bring books, water etc. You might have a long wait. Don't give up! Preserving democracy is worth a few hours of your time, right?
- For help at the polls, if you have any issues whatsoever, call the non-partisan Election Protection Hotline:
1-866-OUR-VOTE (1‑866-687‑8683).
color of music series-purple
PROFESSIONALS—If you've been wanting forever to write that book, or long to paint, or would love to get back to playing an instrument, but can't see how to fit it in with your challenging career, or have other issues in the way ... I can help! I'm offering a SPECIAL on a trial package of Creativity Coaching at a super low COVID price till the end of the year! You just might find it improves other aspects of your life as an added bonus. If you want to know more about me and my work, click here and here.
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TECH TIPS: Using Google Calendar for Project Production. Did you know Google Calendar allows you to have multiple calendars and merge them, or not, with a click? You can create a calendar specifically for a project, share it with a colleague or assistant so that you both can edit it, and see that calendar combined with your personal calendar, for example. You can also view or print your project calendar as a production list rather than a calendar.
  • Getting started. Go to Calendar.Google.com and sign in. If you don’t already have a Google account, go ahead and get one; you’ll use it in the future even if you don’t use Gmail. Click on the triple horizontal bar (a toggle) on the upper left to see the calendar options if they’re not already displayed on the left.
  • Creating the calendar. By default, you have a personal calendar. To add a new Project calendar: * Look under “My Calendars” for “Other Calendars.”
    * Click the + sign and select “Create new calendar.”
    * Fill out the Name and Description (if needed), then click Create Calendar.
    * On the upper left, click the <--> next to Settings to return to your calendars.
  • Merging calendars. Under My Calendars, you’ll see your new Project calendar listed. You can uncheck the personal calendar to see only the Project calendar, or vice versa, or you can check both and see items from both calendars merged into the same calendar.
  • Sharing calendars.
    * Next to the Project calendar click on the
    three vertical dots to its right.
    * Choose “
    Settings and sharing.”
    * About half way down, find “
    Share with specific people” and click “+ Add people.”
    * After adding the person’s email or name, click on the
    Permissions dropdown to give them specific rights to the calendar. (Click the triple bar on the upper left again to turn off the calendar options and give you more real estate for your calendar(s).)
  • Viewing your Project Calendar as a Production List. On the upper right, you’ll see a View dropdown list that, by default, says Month. Click that dropdown and choose Schedule to see your calendar items in a list.
  • Print/pdf Project calendar or production list. Go to Settings on the top right (the gear icon) and choose Print to either print or pdf the calendar. Choose desired options, including date range and style.
There’s a lot more you can do with Calendar and other Google apps, many of which are interactive now. Would you like to learn more about Google apps? Or anything else other than Microsoft apps? Let me know, and send me all your questions (egreco@elenagreo.com)!
Connect! Drop me a line at egreco@elenagreco.com with questions or comments or just to say hi. Let me know what's happening in your corner of the world!
If you're seeing this Newsletter on social media or the web
Get the bi-monthly Newsletter


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