2020 No. 6

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Central Park at W 92nd St © Elena Greco
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Hello, again! Yes, I took a wee break. I'm back! And I've decided to continue the Newsletter as bi-monthly; I'll send it out (approximately) every other Friday. I'm adding a couple of sections that I hope will add enjoyment and value for you. Let me know what you think!

As we move into a challenging period for our country, it's important that we all (1) stay united, (2) support each other and (3) speak out, in whatever form our particular talents or traits lend themselves—writing, marching, creating music or art, organizing, volunteering, whatever you can do! For me, that last one usually means writing, so you might begin to see a little more activism in my writing. Hope you can tolerate it (smile).
Newsletters. I enjoy reading Newsletters as well as writing them! I rely on my favorite Newsletters for the day’s headlines, inspiration, enlightening commentary, and hopefully a laugh. A few of my favorites:
1) Mindf*ck Monday by Mark Manson, American blogger and author of New York Times bestsellers—this is self-improvement and motivation relayed with irreverence and humor https://markmanson.net/newsletter (Mondays)
2) Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson, PhD—daily summary of the day’s news with commentary and historical context by a great political historian and American History professor https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com (daily)
(also available on Facebook, along with a FB group where others comment on her Letters)
3) BrainPickings by Maria Popova, Bulgarian-born and America-based writer—incorporates ideas of the great thinkers and philosophers on creativity, psychology, art, science, design and philosophy https://www.brainpickings.org (see bottom left for sign-up) (Sundays)
4) NextDraft by Dave Pell—witty headlines and pithy writing, with links to major news sources https://nextdraft.com (daily)
5) Electric Speed by Jane Friedman—lots of useful information about writing, publishing and digital tools https://www.janefriedman.com/free-newsletter (every other Saturday)

What are your favorites?
ATTORNEYS and other Professionals—If you've been wanting forever to write that book, or really long to paint, or would love to get back to playing the instrument you played in college, but can't see how to fit it in with your challenging career ... I can help! I'm offering a SPECIAL on a trial package of Creativity Coaching at a super low price! You just might find it helps other aspects of your life as an added bonus.
I loved my creativity coaching with Elena. She encouraged me to identify and pursue my own goals related to creativity and helped me examine ways to carve out more time for creative projects. The questions she posed (for personal reflection) were particularly helpful in terms of increasing my awareness of the role of art in my life. This was a very positive experience. ~ Pamela P., PhD, Psychologist
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Starting next Newsletter, I'll be sharing Tech Tips. You can look forward to really simple ways to make your work quicker and easier—and maybe even fun!
Connect! Drop me a line at egreco@elenagreco.com with questions or comments or just to say hi. Let me know what's happening in your corner of the world!
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If you're seeing this Newsletter on social media or the web
Get the bi-monthly Newsletter
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