2020 No. 8

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This election is one of the most important ones in our country’s history. It may well determine whether democracy will continue, and whether our lives will get better or much worse in the future. So just for the next few Newsletters I’ll be sharing (more succinctly) some information about the election, with a particular focus on voting.

Why voting? Since the turn of the last century only a little more than half of our voting-age population has voted in our elections; that was true of our last election. And almost a fourth of our eligible citizens are not registered to vote!

The continuation of our democracy, as we know it, seems to hinge a lot in this election on making certain that every eligible voter votes, and that every eligible citizen is registered to vote. So efforts to register voters and get them to the polls—or to the mailbox—is crucial.

To that end, I’ve created a web page on my website that contains practical information on voting. I’ll be updating it as I find relevant links or information. I invite you to share with me anything that you think would be helpful; I would appreciate that! Here’s the page: VOTE.
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Newsletter 2020 No. 7
To make certain that your vote counts, and is counted, in this election, and to make sure that our election determination does not take too long or become contested after election day:

- You will have to make a decision on how you will vote (poll or absentee ballot); do that now.
- The most important goal is to vote EARLY; do it the earliest you possibly can.

In order of efficacy:
1) vote in person at early voting prior to November 3 (there will be fewer people there, and you’ll have less time to wait in line if at all; it will also be best for our election and ensure an expeditious tally so as not to prolong the agony);
2) vote in person on November 3;
3) vote by mail, dropping the ballot into a ballot box or at your election office;
4) vote by mail, dropping the ballot into a mailbox.

Whichever of these options you choose:
a) first make sure you’re registered to vote, even if you voted in the last election;
b) if voting in person, find your polling place; it may have changed;
c) if voting by mail,
(i) request your ballot NOW (could take a month to get to you after you request it);
(ii) determine if you can drop it in a ballot box or at your local election office instead of mailing it; find the location(s) HERE,
(iii) mail it or drop it in the ballot box the day after you get the absentee ballot—do not delay!;
(iv) if you mail it, put two first-class stamps on it! (the envelope will have prepaid postage, but that is bulk rate and is SLOW; putting a stamp on it will ensure that it will go first class, which is much faster);
(v) if you mail it, make certain you follow all written instructions, such as signing and dating the ballot, dating the envelope, or getting witness(es) if your state requires.
Links for all of the above can be found on my web page, VOTE.
Again, if you feel comfortable doing so, vote in person and vote early.
Whatever you do, Vote!
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If you're seeing this Newsletter on social media or the web
Get the bi-monthly Newsletter
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