2020 No. 9

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This is the most important election our country has faced in over a century. Whether democracy continues is truly a question, one which we can answer with a definitive "yes!" through the simple act of voting. Making sure all potential voters are registered and that they vote is crucial.

The plan. By this time I hope you've checked that you're registered to vote (even if you voted in the last election) and that you've made your voting plan: 1) by mail or in person; 2) when; and 3) how you're getting to the ballot box or polling site. Pertinent information can be found on the Voting page on my website: VOTE.

Voting by mail. If you've decided that you need to vote by mail, you should have requested your ballot already; if not, please do it now. It's best to drop it in a ballot box or at your election board so that you don't have to worry that it will be counted (find the location(s) of your local election office or a ballot box HERE). If you must mail it instead, be sure to mail it the day after you receive it; don't delay! It can take a month to receive the ballot, and the ballot should be mailed no later than October 3 to ensure that it's counted. Yes, really! And make sure you put two first-class stamps on it so that it won't travel as bulk mail (too slow!).

We know that efforts are being made to slow the mail service so that (a) people don't feel confident about voting by mail, thereby possibly discouraging some voters from voting and (b) ballots are delayed and therefore might not be counted if not mailed early enough. Don't worry! We can triumph over this suppression by doing everything related to voting as EARLY as possible.

An informal poll by The Washington Post/ABC indicates that 20% of Republicans plan to vote by mail and 46% of Democrats plan to vote by mail. So if there are problems with voting by mail, guess how that affects the outcome of the election?! Nullify this issue by making sure that if you're mailing your ballot, you do it by October 3, and that if at all possible you vote at the polls and vote EARLY.

JUST VOTE! Both the authoritarian faction in this country AND foreign governments are attempting to stifle our vote. Don't let them! Thousands of people died to afford us all the right to vote. NOW is the time of all times to do so. All we really have to do to prevail is VOTE, and vote EARLY. I'll see you at the polls!
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ATTORNEYS and other Professionals—If you've been wanting forever to write that book, or long to paint, or would love to get back to playing the instrument you used to play, but can't see how to fit it in with your challenging career ... I can help! I'm offering a SPECIAL on a trial package of Creativity Coaching at a super low price! You just might find it improves other aspects of your life as an added bonus.
I loved my creativity coaching with Elena. She encouraged me to identify and pursue my own goals related to creativity and helped me examine ways to carve out more time for creative projects. The questions she posed (for personal reflection) were particularly helpful in terms of increasing my awareness of the role of art in my life. This was a very positive experience. ~ Pamela P., PhD, Psychologist
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TECH TIPS: Diacriticals (foreign language characters). (MS Word / Outlook)
Did you know you can type common diacriticals right from your normal English keyboard, without resorting to ASCI keys or switching keyboard languages? If you occasionally type foreign words, this can be handy! Here’s how:
  • acute accent (á, é, í, ó, ú): CTRL+ ', vowel
    (press CTRL+apostrophe simultaneously, then quickly type the vowel)
  • grave accent (è, ò): CTRL+`, vowel
    (press CTRL+the ` key on the top left of the keyboard (to the left of the "1") simultaneously, release, then quickly type the vowel)
  • umlaut (ä, ö, ü): CTRL+:, vowel
    (press CTRL+Shift+colon simultaneously, release, then quickly type the vowel)
  • cedilla (ç): CTRL+comma, c
    (press CTRL+comma simultaneously, release, then quickly type a "c")
  • circumflex (ê): CTRL+Shift+6, e
    (press CTRL+Shift [left hand]+6 [right hand] simultaneously, release, then quickly type the "e")
  • tilde (ñ): CTRL+Shift+~, n
    (press CTRL+Shift+the ~ key on the top left of the keyboard (to the left of the "one") simultaneously, then quickly type the "n")
  • German double-S (eszett) (ß): CTRL+Shift+7, s
    (press CTRL+Shift [left hand]+7 simultaneously, release, then quickly type an "s")
  • Spanish inverted (opening) question mark (¿): CTRL+Shift+ALT+?
    (press CTRL+Shift+ALT [left hand]+? release simultaneously)
  • Spanish inverted (opening) exclamation point (¡): CTRL+Shift+ALT+!
    (press CTRL+Shift+ALT [left hand]+!)
Connect! Drop me a line at egreco@elenagreco.com with questions or comments or just to say hi. Let me know what's happening in your corner of the world!
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