2021 No. 1

US Capitol-Natl Park Svc
US Capitol (photo by National Park Service)
US Capitol (photo by National Park Service)
I have started this Introduction many times now. I wanted to talk about the horrendous event that befell our country on January 6, which will be marked in future history books. I wanted to talk about the importance of holding those responsible accountable through any means, and quickly, in order to protect the safety of our country and its citizens, and to prevent further atrocities from happening in the future. I wanted to talk about the issues that led to this grave attack on our democracy and our congressional leaders. I wanted to point out that this was not a single, isolated incident, but the beginning of something larger, which must be stopped in its tracks NOW.

But today I decided that none of us needs any more negativity at the moment. Most of us are traumatized and exhausted. We need healing. I mean healing in the short term, to rest up and ease the symptoms of trauma, so that we're prepared for whatever is to come next.

Another period of danger looms. The insurrectionists are certainly not finished. Next Sunday through Wednesday, riots and insurrection—in short, domestic terrorism—have been threatened and detailed plans have been made public to execute them. A call to arms on January 17 at all state capitols and local governments has been widely circulated, as have calls to riot on January 19 and January 20 (the Inauguration). We must remain vigilant.

Last Tuesday I posted a suggestion on social media to rest up because the next forty-eight hours were going to be rough. Even my spidey sense could not envision the horrific events that would unfold on Wednesday. But I was glad that I took my own advice and was well rested when things exploded on Wednesday, because I was able to rebound quickly. I have the same recommendation for the coming Sunday through Wednesday. Do whatever you can this week to rest up and recuperate.

In spite of all that has happened, I feel immensely grateful.

We DID stop the insurrection…this time.

We DID just elect a President who will represent all of the citizens in our country well, and who will do his best, along with the outstanding team he has chosen, to correct the damage that has been done to our government in the past four years and get it back on its feet.

We DID just elect two Democratic Senators in Georgia, each one a representative of change and inclusion in his own way, who will allow our Congress, together with the President and the amazingly capable and accomplished team he has chosen, to make our country the shining example it once was, a place where everyone in the world wants to be, a place where anyone with determination can have a good life.

I feel incredibly grateful to the many journalists, reporters and photographers who worked tirelessly, and at times in the midst of grave danger to themselves, to bring us the unfolding story, and all of the other astonishing stories this year. Their job is an incredibly difficult one and demands great personal sacrifice. A free press is one of the fundamental elements of our democracy, and it should be protected at all costs.

I am grateful, too, to Eugene Goodman, the policeman who chose to put his own life at risk to save the congressmen who were in hiding and protect the Senate chamber.

And we have only nine days to go until our country has the opportunity to turn a corner.

So even after the horrendous week we just experienced, I feel gratitude, inspiration and hope. We have a lot to celebrate! Let’s get to work!
PSA: Stay home unless you really can't. There were 4,000 US deaths from COVID-19 yesterday. That's more than we lost on 9/11. In one day. Cases will continue rising for the rest of the month, and the current strain is super contagious. Stay informed, keep all devices charged and supplies in stock, and indulge fully in sanity-maintaining practices. And stay home!
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There are a lot of changes happening very rapidly with regard to digital security. For now, I’m making some adjustments. And at the beginning of next month, I’ll be making some changes to the way I interact with folks on social media.

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2) Instead, I will possibly post and interact primarily in a Facebook Group I will create. More to follow on that. I’m also open—and eager—to learn of alternatives that are not on Facebook for an interactive group space; please drop me a line if you have a suggestion. And I might choose instead to use one of my professional Facebook pages. But I'll definitely be making a change!

3) I will continue posting weekly features, such as #MondayMotivation, #FridayFun and #TheSundayRead; updates on music and writing projects; and EGMP jobs, on:
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We'll get through all of this! Stay informed, keep all devices charged and supplies in stock, and indulge fully in sanity-maintaining practices. And stay home!

I welcome your comments! Write to me at egreco@elenagreco.com.

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