2021 No. 2

A great thing just happened in our country! And because there were SO many other things happening at the same time, it didn't get the attention it deserved.

We elected our first female vice president! In addition, the Biden administration is half female, also a first. Women are appearing in roles where they've never been welcomed or even allowed. As just one example, Referee Sarah Thomas will officiate at the Super Bowl tomorrow (see link below).

It's been a long time coming. Most other countries have had female heads of state for quite a while, which is ironic given America’s brand as a forward-thinking democracy—a brand that is pretty severely tarnished after the last four years, but which should be restored in relatively short order, given our current President's commitment to diplomacy and equality.

Heather Cox Richardson shared on Twitter, “I just typed ‘Vice President Kamala Harris’ and teared up. I vividly remember the day in 1972 we were first allowed to wear pants to school (the girls had always frozen to death in dresses) and how it seemed like such a huge privilege. And now.... Vice President Kamala Harris.”

I remember having to wear dresses to school, too, how they left my legs cold, and how they restricted my movement, especially at recess. I remember female doctors and lawyers being the exception. I remember women being unable to get credit without their husband’s approval (and sometimes not then). I remember female CEOs being unheard of. A lot has changed for women in the last half century, certainly in the last century, and great progress has been made, but there is more to do!

We owe a lot of that progress to brave and committed women who have fought for our rights since the turn of the last century, when women were finally given the right to vote. Imagine half of our country having no say in our government! Gender should not be a limiter in any area of our lives, and I look forward to the day when it’s never even a consideration.

How has gender influenced or affected your life? I’m interested! Drop me a line at egreco@elenagreco.com and let me know.
I'm hard at work on some exciting new projects, and I can't wait to share them with you! COVID captivity has prompted me to learn new tech and expand creatively, and I'm working in ways I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago. It has been a challenge (understatement), but I think I'll be happy down the road that I was nudged down this path. And it's always great to acquire new skills! Bet you've acquired a few, too.
If you happen to like British slapstick humor or farce (I do), you might like MIRANDA, a BBC show on Hulu. When I started laughing aloud at this show, I was instantly aware of how very long it had been since I laughed. Remember life before 2020?

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TECH TIPS: Google Meet. Most of us have spent much of the last year on Zoom, or maybe FaceTime if you're an Apple sort of person. While Zoom is terrific, my favorite competitor is Google Meet, which is free to use (there are also paid and corporate versions). It does require that both parties have a Google account, but that’s free, too—and Google offers a lot more at no charge, so I recommend having a Google account even if you don’t use Gmail.

The free version of Google Meet allows 100 participants and, until March 2021, unlimited time. After March, the limit for each call is an hour.

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