2021 No. 4

Creativity drives human evolution. It’s the foundation for the arts, and also for science and innovation of all sorts.

Being creative isn’t something to be relegated to certain days or times, comprising only a small portion of our waking hours. It’s about approaching everything in life creatively. And you can be creative around the clock!

Learn how in my latest blog post, Creativity as a Way of Life.

You can read the post on Thrive Global here:
Creativity as a Way of Life - Thrive Global

You can also read the post on Psychology Today here:
Creativity as a Way of Life - Psychology Today

Or you can read it, unedited, on my blog here:
Creativity as a Way of Life – Elena Greco

Many thanks to Eric Maisel for including my piece in his blog posts!
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TECH TIPS: Pasting format in Microsoft apps (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint). You probably know that you can copy and paste text in MS apps using CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste). But did you know that you can copy and paste format (e.g., bold/italics) in the same way by adding the Shift key to the mix? To copy format from one piece of text to another:
- select the text with the format you want to copy and press CTRL+Shift+C, then
- select the text you want to apply that format to and press CTRL+Shift+V.
These are the quick keys for the format painter, which can be found on the left side of the Home tab in Word and PowerPoint or the Message tab in Outlook (the icon that looks like a paintbrush).

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