2021 No. 11

Bryant Park 071316w
(Bryant Park fountain with giant movie screen and NY Public Library
in background, © Elena Greco)
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In this issue:
- Jigsaw puzzle!
- Purpose of Elena's Newsletter
- Life in Balance, Part 2: It's All in Your Perspective
- Life in Balance, Part 1: What Is Health?
- Holistic Life and Creativity Coaching (try it!)
- A company with heart
- Classifieds for Creatives (share your work, look for collaborators!)
- Recommended: The Last Ship
- Quote: Leonardo da Vinci
As a creative human, you’ll need to be sure you stay healthy and centered and strong. You're in luck! The theme for this and coming issues of this Newsletter will be Life in Balance
Dear Readers: I notice that while most of you read the Newsletter—for which I am grateful—it seems that many of you don’t read the links. That makes me sad, because that’s usually where the “meat” of the Newsletter resides. I’m wondering if you think the links are just advertising or marketing, and that’s why you don’t open them.

While I do often showcase my coaching and concerts and such, that is NOT the purpose of this Newsletter. My aim is the same as that of EGMP (my multimedia production company), which is to educate, entertain and enliven. I try to do all three in the Newsletter, and each Newsletter has a theme, which I represent with the links.

The issue of health will be the focus for the next few issues. Because this is an incredibly important topic, one which affects all of us deeply, I do hope you read the linked articles, especially the ones in the Life in Balance series, because that is my “news” and my offering to you. It’s also my passion. Rather than “selling” anything, it is my fervent hope that this information reaches as many people as possible. I hope one of them is you!
LIFE IN BALANCE-Part 2: It's All in Your Perspective.
Life in Balance
is a multi-part series exploring health–what it is, how to get it and how to maintain it, easily and naturally. Part 2 explores healthcare paradigms and the nature of healing.
Life in Balance-Part 2: It's All in Your Perspective
also on Medium here
LIFE IN BALANCE-Part 1: What Is Health?
Life in Balance
is a multi-part series exploring health–what it is, how to get it and how to maintain it, easily and naturally. Part 1 asks the question: What is health?
Life in Balance-Part 1: What Is Health?
also on Medium here

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Chobani CEO-Hamdi-Ulukaya-Wikipedia
A COMPANY WITH HEART. Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya coalition helps Afghan refugees. (And it goes public later this year.)
CLASSIFIEDS for CREATIVES. Showcase your work here! If you'd like to plug your upcoming concert, course, group, book or album for a super low fee in a future Newsletter, reply to this Newsletter. It's also a place you can put out a call for personnel for your project. My readers are mostly performers, other creatives, and people who are interested in the arts—including music, visual art, film, dance, writing, and theater. Once your ad is approved (a quick process), I’ll send you a link for payment.
RECOMMENDED. The Last Ship (TNT, available on HULU), a five-season show—timely, provocative, entertaining! Starts with a search for a cure for a global pandemic, followed by what happens when post-pandemic global order breaks down. Amazingly, the prescient book it's based on—the final book of William Brinkley, US writer, journalist, and former naval officer—was written in 1988. No zombies, I promise!
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