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2021 No. 12

Bryant Park 071316w
Central Park @ W 92nd St, © Elena Greco
NOTE: This vista no longer exists!
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In this issue:
- Jigsaw puzzle!
- Introduction - Grief
- Life in Balance, Part 3: Symptoms of Health
- Holistic Life and Creativity Coaching
- Classifieds for Creatives (share your work, look for collaborators!)
- Cranberries!
- Quote: Shakespeare
You might wonder why I'm re-sharing the image above.
The vista in the picture above was one of my favorite places in Central Park. Sitting in the sunlight on my favorite bench and staring at this incredibly beautiful vista from this vantage point was something I looked forward to every day. This was my special moment; it reset and recharged me, no matter what the day had thrown at me.
As I arrived at my bench in the Park one day, I gasped. .... Continue reading.
As a creative human, you’ll need to be sure you stay healthy and centered and strong. You're in luck! The theme for this and coming issues of this Newsletter will be Life in Balance.
LIFE IN BALANCE, Part 3: Symptoms of Health
Life in Balance
is a multi-part series exploring health–what it is, how to get it and how to maintain it, easily and naturally. In Part 3 we learn what health looks like.
Life in Balance, Part 3: Symptoms of Health

In the coming issues, I’ll be sharing a lot more about health—what it is and how to maintain it. After 50+ years of studying nutrition and physiology, I've learned a lot that I'd like to share with you. In addition to the Life in Balance series I’m writing, I’ll be sharing tips on specific issues and remedies. And if you have questions about anything at all with regard to health, do drop me an email!
LIFE AND CREATIVITY COACHING. Reach your potential in all areas of creativity, health, productivity, and fulfillment. Coach with me! (Learn more about me and my work here and here.) Dip your toe in the water with a one-month trial and see if it’s for you! And if you're not sure what a coach is, read about it here (non-subscriber link here). (If cost is an issue, drop me a line so we can discuss.)
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CRANBERRIES! It's the time of year when we enjoy this unique berry. Did you ever wonder how they're grown? Watch here.
And this is how they make it from the bog to your favorite juice drink.
(Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)
CLASSIFIEDS. Showcase your work here! Plug your upcoming concert, course, group, book or album for a super low fee ($20!) in a future Newsletter. Just reply to this Newsletter and I'll get you set up. The rate goes down with multiple or recurring listings. It's also a place you can put out a call for personnel for your project. My readers are mostly people who are interested in the arts—music, visual art, film, dance, writing, and theater.
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