2021 No. 7

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© Elena Greco - Bryant Park at night/42nd St & 6th Ave (unedited)
with the moon over the Empire State Building
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CREATIVITY. It’s what drives human evolution and progress. It's not just music, art, film, dance, writing, comedy and theater. Without creativity, you wouldn’t be reading this Newsletter on whatever electronic device you might be using right now. Without creativity, our country would not have overcome the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Without creativity, we certainly wouldn’t have New York City.

Creativity is the highest expression of humanity. Yet not everyone seems to be “creative.” Why is that? Perhaps it’s because creativity isn’t particularly encouraged in our public schools, because it isn't valued in a certain segment of our society, or because it definitely is discouraged by authoritarians—currently quite loud in our country—who rely not only on dogma but on suppression of creativity and individuality in order to stay on top.

But most people can be creative in some way if only they’re given encouragement and the right tools. One of those tools is learning about creativity—how it works and how it doesn’t, and how we can encourage it to flourish. And on that point, I can help! In this issue and the next two, we'll look at specific ways to enhance creativity.
INCUBATING IDEAS. I’m pleased to have been invited to be part of a Creativity Toolkit that contains videos by creativity coaches around the world which support the creative process and help with your creative work. (Thanks to Eric Maisel for making this amazing project possible!) Here’s a sneak peak at one of my videos, Incubating Ideas (click below). (I recommend watching in Theater Mode.) Please let me know if it’s helpful for you or others you know.
Incubating Ideas - Elena Greco - YouTube OR
Incubating Ideas - Elena Greco - Vimeo
NEW YORK CITY MAYORAL ELECTION. As I mentioned in my last Newsletter, this New York City Mayoral Election is the most significant in our history. The press is focusing almost exclusively on two of the least qualified candidates and seems to be ignoring the four who could actually do the extraordinarily difficult job of managing New York City during one of the most difficult times in our history. So I decided to include some information about those four in case you aren’t familiar with them. They all have significant and relevant experience and have proven themselves qualified. And since the four are quite different ideologically, there’s a candidate for everyone.

Kathryn Garcia
Kathryn Garcia - Ballotpedia
KGforNYC – Kathryn Garcia for Mayor - candidate site
Can A Crisis And Ranked-Choice Voting Get Garcia To City Hall?

Ray McGuire
Raymond McGuire - Ballotpedia
Ray McGuire for Mayor (rayformayor.com) - candidate site
Ray McGuire Says Business Community Critical To NYC's Comeback

Shaun Donovan
Shaun Donovan - Ballotpedia
Shaun for NYC - candidate site
Shaun Donovan Has Been A Go-To Guy For Emergencies

Scott Stringer
Scott Stringer - Ready on Day One (stringerformayor.com) - candidate site
IMPORTANT: Since we’re using ranked choice voting for the first time in New York City in the Democratic Primary, here’s some help:
Ranked Choice Voting | NYC Votes.

Also, please note that you should definitely choose five candidates, even if you have only a few favorites. That’s because you can have an inverse effect on candidates you DON’T want to win by not choosing them in your five.

Poll site
Find your poll site/View sample ballot (vote.nyc)

Dates to remember
- Democratic Primary - June 22
- Early voting - June 12-20

- Mayoral debate on WCBS on June 10 (7-8 pm) (Thursday)
- Comptroller debate on Spectrum News/NY1 on June 10 (7-8 pm)
- Mayoral debate on WNBC on June 16 (7-8 pm)
- Comptroller debate on WNBC on June 20 (9:30-10:30 am)
CREATIVITY AS A WAY OF LIFE. Do you want to be more creative? Learn how! Read Creativity as a Way of Life on Medium (also on Thrive Global).

MEDIUM. I heartily recommend Medium! It's a wonderful place to read your favorite people and learn. There are virtually no restrictions on the writers, and you get a wide variety of views. Having a Medium subscription gives you access to the writing of prominent people, such as Barack Obama (Barack Obama shares his approach for making tough decisions), articles about topics you care about, and additional features. Even the free account allows you to read quite a few articles (although many are restricted to subscribers). But the subscription costs very little and, for me, is worth every penny! Plus, if you like to support the arts and creative artists, the writers make a penny or so when you read their articles as a subscriber (but they make nothing if you're not one).
MOVIE OF THE NIGHT. This terrific site will help you plan your summer movie watching! (I got it from Jane Friedman’s Electric Speed newsletter.)
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- You'll see two tabs appear: Audio Format and Playback.
- Click the Playback tab. In Audio Options, click "Hide During Show."
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