2021 No. 8

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© Elena Greco - Carousel on Brighton Beach, Brighton, England
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CREATIVITY. In the first Creativity issue of the Newsletter, I mused on the value of creativity in our society. In this second issue, I'll focus on creativity in our individual lives—how to overcome obstacles to creativity and encourage it to manifest more freely in our lives and our work.

In this issue:
- Jigsaw puzzle!
- Solving Performance Anxiety, Finally (article)
- Handling the Special Challenges of Performers (video)
- Pauline Viardot Garcia, a true creative (video)
- Life and Creativity Coaching
- Tech Tip: How to see your Facebook friends' posts
- Classifieds
- Matisse quote
SOLVING PERFORMANCE ANXIETY, FINALLY. Overcome one of the common obstacles that gets in the way of creative expression. Read about it here (I'd be grateful if you would give me a Clap on Medium!):
Solving Performance Anxiety, Finally
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HANDLING THE SPECIAL CHALLENGES OF PERFORMERS. I’m pleased to have been invited, along with top creativity coaches around the world, to be part of a Creativity Toolkit of videos which support the creative process and help with your creative work. (Thanks to Eric Maisel for making this amazing project possible!) Here’s a sneak peak at one of my videos, Handling the Special Challenges of Performers (click below). Please let me know if it’s helpful.

Handling the Special Challenges of Performers-YouTube

GrundseiteViardotBild around 1860
PAULINE VIARDOT GARCIA, a true creative. July 18 of this year is the bicentennial celebration of the birth of the brilliant composer, singer, instrumentalist and pedagogue Pauline Viardot Garcia. Her life itself is an inspiration. I created a video about her life which you can view here:


Let me know if you’d like to use the video for your Music History or Vocal Literature course; it would be a great addition to your course and would help raise awareness of the many great female composers who are mostly unknown to students. You might also think about including it in upcoming concerts that focus on Viardot's work. The only requirement is to ask for my permission, for legal reasons and so that I know where it’s being used; there is no charge for the use. And it would be lovely if you’d share it on social media!

For the singers out there, Viardot's songs are beautiful and unique and I encourage you to learn and perform them. Most of the sheet music is available free online (IMSLP-Pauline Viardot). She also wrote a collection of vocalises, An Hour of Study (or this link). Try them and let us know what happens!
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CREATIVITY COACHING. I'm a holistic life and creativity coach, and I want to help you reach your potential in all areas of creativity, health, productivity, and fulfillment. (Learn more about me and my work here and here.) Dip your toe in the water with a one-month trial and see if it’s for you! And if you're not sure what a coach is, read about it here (non-subscriber link here).
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TECH TIP. How see your Facebook Friends' Posts. You might have noticed that you seldom see posts of many of your Friends on Facebook now. Yes, Facebook has changed the algorithm again, AND they have changed the features you can use to manage your Friends and Pages. For example, there is no more See First option, and you can no longer mark Friends for Notifications.

Here's how you can choose EXACTLY which Friends' posts you want to see, and Pages, too:
1. Click on your Account button (down arrow on top far right).
2. Go to Settings & Privacy > Newsfeed Preferences > Manage Favorites.
Then choose up to 30 Friends/Pages by clicking the star to add them. These people and pages will be featured in your Newsfeed so that you have a better chance of seeing their posts.

For example, if you haven't seen any of my posts in ages, go to Manage Favorites as described above and click the gold star next to my name (there's a search bar at the top). Then you'll see my posts again!

Next, to see only (well, mostly) Favorites in your Newsfeed: Go to your Newsfeed and look at the left column. Click on Favorites (you might have to click on See More to find it; the list is alphabetical). Now you’ll see your own curated Newsfeed of the Friends and Pages you want to see!

If you found this Tip helpful, please let me know—just Reply to this Newsletter. It would help me make the Tech Tip more useful in the future ... and it would also make me feel great 😊.
CLASSIFIEDS. Showcase your work here! Contact me (Reply to this Newsletter) if you'd like to include a plug for your upcoming concert, course, group, book or album for a super low fee ($25) in a future Newsletter. You can include images, copy, links—whatever you like. It's also a place you can put out a call for personnel for your project—e.g., video editor, stage manager or tenor. My subscribers are mostly creatives or people who are interested in the arts—music, visual art, film, dance, writing, and theater. Once your ad is approved (a quick process), I’ll send you a link for payment.
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