The Possibilities

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The Possibilities

by Elena Greco

January 2004

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Health, Harmony and Paradise (well, almost)

Until we begin to deliberately attune ourselves to other people’s boundaries and to the space around us, as well as to our own intentionality, we will continue to violate the boundaries of others, creating more wounded people. This applies everywhere in life, but nowhere is it more crucial than in healing work.

It also has a lot to do with the violence we are experiencing on a global scale. Wounded people do not make good choices or contribute positively to society. We will need a lot of healthy, stable people to support the world through what is to come over the next few decades. I hope to see a lot more of the kind of work described in this book, and a lot of people committed to becoming strong and healthy and able to serve. The more people understand and adopt these principles, the faster we can prevent the decline of our planet, and foster a world that supports everyone.

Once people allow themselves to go in a direction against health and freedom, there is a momentum in numbers that propels us as a society in that direction. We have the power to stop this. By educating ourselves about boundaries, about consciousness, about what we need in order to be healthy human beings, and about what we truly want to create on this planet, we create the possibility of co-creating a better world.

Creating a Healing Environment in Our Life

The global implications of the context of healing described in this book are vast, and they are extremely important at this time in our history. Imagine using the context described in this book for creating a healing environment in your daily life. How would this affect your relations with other people? With your co-workers? With your boss? Your spouse? How would our lives be different if people started creating a healing environment in the workplace? Do you have a thought that says this could never happen? Why not? If you work for a design firm, and you hear that there is a design firm that offers this type of healing environment, would you want to work there? Would everyone in that field eventually hear about this firm and want to work there?

In a Perfect World

Healing ourselves gives rise to the possibility for humankind to experience a life that we normally think of as a pleasant fantasy. There will always be negativities and misfortune, suffering and pain, but these are so much easier to bear with the support of others who understand what creates suffering and what brings healing and have a commitment to bring healing. We can have a society that supports us in reaching our maximum potential for achievement and bliss.

While there will always be misfortune, there can also be a prevailing sense of peace and love. If we choose as individuals to focus on the highest wisdom within us, this will eventually spread to more individuals, and as the number grows, the world as a whole will be affected.

This is the possibility. Let us start by healing ourselves, learning to deal with the ups and downs in our own lives, and prepare ourselves to offer service to others. Then, regardless of what happens in the world, whatever calamities or misfortunes arise, we can still experience our highest nature and help each other, and we can fully experience both the tragedy and the beauty of life. What is the result of living in a state of connection with the Higher Self? We can have free and full self-expression our true nature. We can experience love.

If your intention is solely to heal yourself, that is a noble intention. If your intention is to serve others, start by healing yourself; that is the highest service you can do for the world.

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