Expertise and a little magic to help manifest your dreams

ABACADABRA!™ Join me in ABRACADABRA!, a workshop like no other. Don’t you think it’s time to manifest your dreams right now?

No more being held back by fear or conditioning, just pure manifesting of your intentions, in a way that’s simultaneously magical and practical. And you’ll have plenty of support along the way. This workshop could change your life. Break free of limitations and create full out!


How many people do you know who have talent and drive, but don’t seem to reach their potential? There’s a reason for that! Learn how to accelerate your progress and increase your power to manifest your dreams in this workshop with tools you can use the rest of your life.

There’s a lot of information out there about how to achieve goals. Probably best known is the SMART goal method. Yet if all you needed to achieve fulfillment was to use SMART goals, everyone would be achieving madly and be wildly fulfilled. You might have noticed that that is not the case.

One problem with the current obsession with achievement gimmicks is that we are not robots. We are human beings. Some of us have family demands, multiple jobs, quirks, low self-esteem, and “issues.” Having a SMART goal really does not help you achieve your goal in the middle of all that. And even if you did achieve your goal, would it really make a difference? Or would there just be another goal?

Abracadabra! gives you tools and support to achieve your most heartfelt desires with much less effort in a way that’s truly life-enhancing. Get what your heart wants. Achieve fulfillment. Life creatively and passionately. Live up to your potential.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for … Abracadabra! This is the place for you.

And once you’ve completed the foundational part of the workshop, the Advanced segment reinforces the tools you’ve learned and goes beyond them to address the life challenges we all face so that they no longer need to be obstacles to achieving your heart’s desire.

In each workshop you get 12 weeks of interactive email lessons with action prompts; personal coaching from me; total access to me for questions and support; 3 monthly group video chats; sharing of group members; access to methods I don’t share publicly; and discounts on future related workshops and other items. We meet online through email, video chat and other online resources, so the workshop works with any schedule in any location worldwide.

You’ll also receive a copy of the corresponding book, coming out on Kindle in 2023, Abracadabra! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True.

The next Abracadabra! workshop will be announced here, date TBD.

And previous participants can repeat the workshop for $50 as often as they like!

What people have to say about Abracadabra!:

This has been a glorious ride and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. During the workshop a big part of my Intention was realized when I was accepted by an exciting New York City arts alliance to be part of a group art show. I will very happily share the workshop as I truly believe real magic happens here.
Jirair Tcholakian, painter and photographer

After I started the Abracadabra! workshop I sold an art piece for the highest price I’ve ever received. I became extremely productive and have been able to better question my choices in terms of how they will contribute to my intention instead of scattering my energies too thinly. And now I’m getting ready for my biggest art opening to date! I got a great deal out of the workshop.
~ Steevie Jane Parks, PhD, abstract painter and psychologist


And there’s a book! ABRACADABRA! – The Book

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