I can help any singer of any genre
who wants to resolve creative, psychological, health, musical or career issues.

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NEW YORK SINGERS SUPPORT™ provides healing and skilled support for singers who want to experience transformation in their singing and in their lives. All singers (and other musicians) of all genres are welcome.

My coaching and counseling practice gets right to the heart of creativity and the creative life.  It includes, when appropriate, counseling, music and performance coaching, creativity coaching, career-specific strategies, healing, and life and health coaching, depending on the individual’s needs.  Our life is not segmented, but like a prism which reflects every aspect of ourselves, so neither is my coaching segmented; it encompasses the whole of life.

When we listen to singing, we experience a direct communication of the musician’s essence. Singing is so much more than vocal technique! And the creative life is an unusually daunting one.  Addressing the body/mind as a whole is an essential part of mastering the art and science of singing and achieving your musical and creative goals.

Being a singer poses demands that no other professional has to face. With an instrument that is organic and sentient, there are unique challenges. Also, like acting, it is a profession fraught with rejection. And in modern times, it is very much a business, and the people who decide our fate professionally (if we choose to let them) are interested only in what sells, sometimes with no eye or concern for authentic creative expression. Maintaining ourselves as healthy vehicles for our art is often a challenge. It is my intention to support singers in being supremely healthy and vibrant performers, and in bringing their whole being freely, authentically and creatively to their performing.

My practice is both holistic—encompassing the whole person and their environment—and integrative—utilizing solutions from East, West and in between. In addition to counseling and coaching, I offer a comprehensive yet concise means of supporting and maintaining health that focuses on balance and draws on the best of all worlds.

As a multi-discipline creative artist and performer myself, I understand the unique needs of creative people. And as someone who has been in the New York City singing business for over 30 years, I know what you’re up against.

Most of all, I genuinely love helping singers, and I’m here to help you get where you want to go with your musical life. Whatever issues you have or areas you want help with, I can and will help you find solutions. I want you to be out there creating and succeeding wildly!

I can help any singer (or other musician) at any stage of their career who wants to resolve creative, psychological, physical, musical and career issues, to open creatively, to develop career strategies, or to learn how to support their physical and mental health while pursuing their career successfully.

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♪ Music and performance coaching

♪ Creativity coaching

♪ Career-specific strategies

♪ Counseling/healing

♪ Health coaching

♪ Life purpose/practical issues




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New York Singers Support™ work can occur:

  • through email;
  • by phone or video app;
  • in workshops relevant to singers, such as:
  • The Singing Body, which addresses the physicality of singing; we’ll have a guest bodyworker each time from disciplines such as Feldenkrais®, Alexander Technique®, Gyrokinesis®, Meditation for Creatives™, Balance for Health™, Restorative Yoga and Breathing Coordination™;
  • The Crossover Workshop™, which is specifically for classical singers who want to cross over to musical theater, whether as a contract requirement or for auditions; and
  • The Spanish Art Song Workshop™, a space for sharing our love of this beautiful genre, and to gain musical ideas and important information that deepen your experience of these songs and your ability to perform them authentically
  • through any combination of these.

You can work with me in person if you’re here in New York, and it is totally possible and practical to work with me even if you are living or working somewhere else on the globe.

New York Singers Support™ offers:

  • Music and performance coaching
  • addressing and conquering performance anxiety;
  • assessment of technical and artistic challenges, with recommendations or solutions for addressing;
  • crossover style—if you’re a classical singer I can help you prepare for auditions that require musical theater;
  • embodying your voice fully, becoming more at one with your instrument;
  • Creativity coaching
  • formulating and accomplishing creative goals while navigating the practicalities of life;
  • expanding creatively, so you can be your freest, most creative self;
  • bringing more of your innate creativity to your performing (or other creative art), as well as addressing any blocks to that expression when appropriate or desired
  • Career-specific strategies
  • developing strategies to achieve your singing and performing goals;
  • presenting yourself astutely to companies and directors so that you get auditions and jobs, and that you get re-hired;
  • career planning and execution
  • Counseling/healing
  • developing healthy communication and boundaries so that you have more effective relationships and better health;
  • connecting with the deep pool of healing and insight within you;
  • addressing mood issues;
  • overcoming body-mind issues, such as addiction and trauma
  • Health coaching
  • maintaining your health—voice, body and mind—while living the challenging lifestyle of a singer;
  • assessing physical problems, whether acute or chronic, which interfere with your singing life or get in the way of your performing, with recommendations or solutions for addressing;
  • creating a highly effective and personalized mental and physical self-support system which is economical, non-harmful and totally unique to you
  • Life purpose/practical issues
  • helping you live your values or life purpose, all the while singing freely and beautifully;
  • developing strategies for managing obstacles in the most effective manner;
  • improving time management skills;
  • expanding your vision of what singing can be in your life and manifesting that

People I can help:

  • Singers who want to address and conquer non-vocal issues that impact their singing, such as performance anxiety, emotional or psychological issues, health issues and life challenges;
  • Singers who want to achieve their creative and career goals;
  • Singers who want to live life fully and meaningfully, all the while singing freely and beautifully;
  • Singers who want to communicate well in any genre;
  • Classical singers who want to learn to “belt” and/or sing musical theater and popular music while maintaining good, healthy technique; and
  • Singers who want to relate more easily to an audience or overcome performance anxiety

People I’ve helped

I loved my creativity coaching with Elena. She encouraged me to identify and pursue my own goals related to creativity and helped me examine ways to carve out more time for creative projects. The questions she posed (for personal reflection) were particularly helpful in terms of increasing my awareness of the role of art in my life. This was a very positive experience. ~ Pam P., PhD, Artist

Elena Greco

I am a creative artist: a singer, instrumentalist (piano, flute, harp), producer/director of musical concerts, writer and visual artist.

I’m also a coach/counselor to creative artists, especially singers. I’ve lived in the world of New York vocal music for over 30 years, so I know the people, the obstacles and the solutions. As a creative myself, I bring my understanding of the need for personal and spiritual expression through the arts to my healing work. I utilize my innate talents and training to help you in any way I can.

I have a lifelong commitment to self-actualization for all, and, most of all, to promoting the power and flow of creativity in everyone. I have a keen interest in creative expression in all forms. I believe strongly that sharing our creative arts is a simple but extremely powerful means of enhancing communication and understanding, and that expression through the creative arts drives human evolution and therefore deserves and requires our respect and support. I very much want to bring healing to people through music, which I believe is the most transformational and uplifting tool on the planet. My life is dedicated to creativity and allowing it to flourish in all of us.

I also know the cost of living in this world as a creative artist. Creatives don’t receive a lot of support from society, as a rule, and their lifestyle is a particularly difficult path to tread.


I have been a holistic vocal coach and more recently an artistic coach of singers in my role as producer/director of concerts.

My background includes decades of experience and training in leading groups and working with individuals, certifications in a variety of healing modalities, and focused study in the areas of psychology, communication, meditation, nutrition, physiology, Ayurveda, herbology and the body-mind relationship.  (For further information about this, see Counseling/Teaching Bio).

I’ve also done training in Creativity Coaching with the master of this type of support, Eric Maisel, who is the author of over 50 books about creativity and the creative life. After many years as a psychotherapist to creative artists, he founded the alternative field of Creativity Coaching, which gets right to the heart of creativity and provides a framework for living a truly creative life.

A former technical writer, I now maintain a blog, where I write about singing, psychology, communication, persuasion, the creative arts, holistic health and social and political issues. I have been published in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY and CLASSICAL SINGER, and I have two books on Kindle (HEALING and VOCAL COLLABORATORS), with another on the way (a memoir about trauma, the issue of our time).

In addition to holding a degree in Counseling Psychology / Human Development, I have certifications or have completed training in:

  • Creativity Coaching (with Eric Maisel)
  • Directing the Actor (Nina Foch)
  • BRETH™ (certified by founder Kamala Hope-Campbell, who worked and trained with Stanislav Grof, Timothy Leary and John Lilly)
  • MariEl™ healing (certified by founder Ethel Lombardi, one of the original ten American Reiki masters, who was initiated by Takata Sensei in Usui Reiki and who developed this offshoot of Reiki in response to its commercialization)
  • CranioSacral® therapy
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Bach Flower Remedy® utilization

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