Meets:  Every second Sunday
Upper West Side, New York City
To reserve your place, contact Elena Greco by email.
Cost: $20 cash or purchase here

NEW YORK SINGERS SUPPORT™ GROUP is a healing space for singers who want to experience transformation in their singing and in their lives. All singers are welcome, but this group is particularly geared to the specific needs of classical singers.  The group is a space for singers to come to share, heal and find community and support.  It meets every second Sunday of the month.

I’ve facilitated over 200 groups, and I know how to hold the space for you in a way that provides maximum safety and comfort.  I’m a multi-discipline creative artist and performer myself, so I understand the unique needs of creative people. And as someone who has been in the New York City classical singing business for over 30 years, I know what you’re up against.

Most of all, I genuinely love helping singers, and I’m here to help you get where you want to go with your musical life.  I want you to be out there creating and succeeding wildly!  I believe the power and support of the group will greatly expedite and facilitate that happening.

I invite any singer at any stage of their career who wants to address and receive support for creative, vocal, psychological, physical and career issues, and for those who want to experience a community of fellow singers, to join us at the NEW YORK SINGERS SUPPORT™ GROUP.

For those who prefer a private session or want to augment the experience of the group, I’m available for private coaching and counseling, as well:  See NEW YORK SINGERS SUPPORT™.


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