EGMP Job Available: Assistant(s)



Job Available: Assistant(s)
Students welcome!

(posted July 2018)

Assistant(s). EGMP needs an Assistant at SOMETHING’S COMING!, our concert of Leonard Bernstein’s vocal music.  The things we need help with could be done by one person or two.

1.  Ticket table. We need a friendly person who will make guests feel at home as they pay for their ticket and/or ask questions.  They’ll also:

a) set up the wine table (yes, free samples are included in the job!),
b) keep track of the cash (I have a form that’s super easy to use),
c) open/close the doors before/after show and intermission.

2.  Schlepper/Miscellaneous Assistant.

a) Help get the bags from an Upper West Side apartment into a cab to the Midtown West venue and unload, then help strike and do the reverse after the show.  Approximately five bags are each around 8-12 pounds.
b) Turn on/off the audio recorder before/after show and intermission.
c) Turn on/off the videocamera and, during the show, keep an eye on the tripod to make sure it doesn’t get jostled or moved.
d) Make sure the air conditioner is turned off during recording time.

Before responding, please take a look at the EGMP web page to learn more about us, and look at the SOMETHING’S COMING! page to see what the concert is about.

Date/time.  The concert is on Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and has a 6:30 pm call, concert 7:00-9:00 pm.

Compensation. Amount determined by experience and tasks performed. Assistants sit inside the hall and get to see the entire show.  They will also have their bio on the program (free marketing on the internet and social media!).

Write to Elena Greco at with your resume or references which indicate relevant experience.  Students welcome!

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