EGMP Job Available: Business/Public Relations Director


Job Available: Business/Public Relations Director

(posted July 2016)

BUSINESS/PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR needed for EGMP for the next season.

The audition:  We meet on the Upper West Side for coffee or wine (my treat), over which you tell me briefly what you think you can do in order to help EGMP thrive financially and become self-sustainable over the next year.  You can share some of your ideas about how to make our particular concerts well-publicized and well-attended, and how we can do more outreach. At the end of the meeting, we’ll both know whether we make a good team.

Requirements. The BPR Director could be a music or theater professional who is astute about the business side of production, or someone who does PR or financial work professionally.  They will demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about funding resources and business structure. Their motivation might be to use the work for their resume or gain experience with this sort of organization, or it might be simply that they would like to be a part of this innovative and warm company because they’re aligned with our purpose (see to learn about our company).

Other requirements.  An agreeable nature, collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and, most of all, reliability are essential.

Time.  The season will start this September and run through next April or May, and will include two (possibly three) major concerts, with hopefully several outreach performances of each.  I expect that the position will require no more than a couple of hours’ time per month.  You won’t be asked to do any work related to design, production or administrative functions other than possible venue research; your mission is solely to keep us funded and performing and take care of business!  Most of our communication can be done electronically, so travel will seldom be required.

Compensation. The fee is based on experience and on the agreed-upon specifics of work to be done, and will be reasonable but not extravagant (we are a small, fledging company, which is why we need your expertise!).  The Business/PR Director’s bio will be placed on the company roster web page, which is used for promotion on social media and online publications, so referrals will be likely: If the collaboration works out well this time, I would be happy to offer references and referrals to my large network of musicians, many of whom frequently need this sort of help. I could also list the person on my Singer’s web page, which is essentially an advertisement for professionals and products I endorse. In addition, the people involved in this production are all warm, friendly, fun and highly talented people, and the Business/Public Relations Director would get to see some great concerts!

Contact Elena Greco at (do NOT message) before August 15.

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