EGMP Job Available: Assistant(s)



Job Available:  Production Assistant(s)

(posted January 2018)

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT(S) needed for EGMP (ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™). The position(s) are compensated, as are all of the roles in EGMP. Contact Elena Greco at before March 1 after reading post carefully.

EGMP is looking for Assistant(s) to provide two needed functions for our next concert, The Flavor of Spain™ Part 3: Unsung Songs of Spain, on Sunday, April 22, 2018. The functions could be done by one or two people.

EGMP presents projects that entertain, educate and enliven.  We entertain through (1) presenting music, theater, dance, visual art, writing, taste, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses, (2) engaging the audience up close in an intimate venue, and (3) presenting the best music from multiple genres, performed by premier creative professionals of the highest caliber.  We educate through what we do and how we do it, presenting unusual, multi-genre and multi-generational programming that includes informative PowerPoint presentations and articles correlating with the theme of the show.  We enliven through involving our audience directly in what we do, inspiring and uplifting them.

Our company is looking for performers and technicians with somewhat of a renegade spirit who would love to work together to create something different, beautiful, musical, artistic and awesomely inspiring. Benefits—besides a paycheck, the chance to work with and learn from top-notch performers, and lots of media publicity and resumé credit—are being part of a continual community (what used to be called a “repertory company”) which supports creative growth and expression, and exploring what we can do together to inspire ourselves and the audience.

Transport Assistant. One function is that of helping to get the bags and set items from the director’s apartment to the venue, then the reverse at the end of the show. Other duties include helping to unpack/set up at the beginning and strike/pack up at the end of the show (fairly minimal in this particular show). There’s nothing heavier to lift than a heavy suitcase and most things have wheels.

Reception Assistant. The second function is that of (1) serving at the ticket table to greet audience members, take their donation, offer them a program and answer questions; (2) assisting at intermission at the refreshment table; and (3) turning on/off a small recorder during the performance.

In addition, the Assistant(s) might help the performers with whatever they need.

If these two functions are done by one person, the Assistant will be compensated for both jobs. Assistant(s) sit inside the hall and get to see the entire concert.

Logistics. The concert will be at Studios 353 on W 48th St (between 8th/9th Aves) on Sunday, April 22, 2018, from 7:00-9:00 pm. Assistant(s) will be needed from 4:30 (for transport, or 5:30 for reception-only assistant) to 10:00 pm.

Requirements. Agreeable, reliable, follows directions well, supportive of performers and audience members. Prior stage production, administrative or reception experience are appreciated but not required.

Compensation. The fee will be based on the duties performed and on your background. In addition, your bio will be placed on the company roster web page, which is used for promotion on social media and online publications, as well as on the concert program which is handed out to all attendees, so free publicity will be had (see EGMP Personnel). If you have other skills or are a performer, there might be performance or other opportunities with the company in the future. In addition, the people involved in this company are all warm, friendly, fun and talented people, and you will get to see a great concert! You might really like being a part of this innovative and warm company.

Contact Elena Greco at with a short bio or your resumé.  Follow the lead of actors’ resumés, and list all skills that might possibly be of use to us at the bottom of your resumé, or in your email to me at  (Please do NOT message me.)

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