EGMP Job Available: Technical Assistant

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Job Available: Technical Assistant

(posted September 2014)

TECHNICAL ASSISTANT for KALEIDOSCOPE™ concert on Monday, December 8, 2014, 8:00 pm, plus a technical rehearsal, date TBD, both at 353 W 48th St, NYC. Must fill by next Wednesday, September 17. Please see the KALEIDOSCOPE™ web page for more information about the program.

Since all EGMP productions are multimedia, the Technical Assistant is a crucial member of the company. The job can be done by someone whose profession it is to do that work, such as a stage manager or a lighting/audio/visual tech, or by a singer or instrumentalist who is willing to stretch a little in that direction (in which case, they will likely also perform with us at times, depending on concert needs). Duties include:


  • setting up the laptop/projector and turning them on/off at the appropriate times,
  • putting up/taking down the projector screen,
  • setting up the light kit,
  • running the video camera and recorder,
  • helping with some set items,
  • turning intermission music on/off,
  • striking it all and packing it up at the end of the show, and
  • stuffing it into a cab.

There will be a technical rehearsal so that everything is clear, and I always offer a succinct, chronological list of the items to be done, so that the TA does not have to remember everything. The work needed is not at all difficult or technically advanced, but it does require (1) attention to detail, (2) the ability to follow written and verbal directions, (3) a willingness to take the initiative to make sure the show goes on if problems should arise, and (4) a collaborative spirit.

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