EGMP Job: Videographer



Job Available: Videographer

(posted January 2018)

VIDEOGRAPHER needed for EGMP (Elena Greco Multimedia Productions) for the 2018 season. Contact Elena Greco at before March 1 after reading post carefully.

EGMP needs a Videographer, one who will work closely with us when we are in production. Media exposure is essential now in promoting a show and a company, getting the seats filled and money raised.  Sometimes we have video clips that we have shot ourselves extemporaneously in our rehearsals that need a bit of professional editing so that we can use them for promo.  We need for our concerts to be recorded, and we might also need some “small candid moments” filmed, such as a one-minute spot about an upcoming show.  We’re also doing some video interviews.

EGMP presents projects that entertain, educate and enliven.  We entertain through (1) presenting music, theater, dance, visual art, writing, taste, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses, (2) engaging the audience up close in an intimate venue, and (3) presenting the best music from multiple genres, performed by premier creative professionals of the highest caliber.  We educate through what we do and how we do it, presenting unusual, multi-genre and multi-generational programming that includes informative PowerPoint presentations and articles correlating with the theme of the show.  We enliven through involving our audience directly in what we do, inspiring and uplifting them.

Our company is looking for performers and technicians with somewhat of a renegade spirit who would love to work together to create something different, beautiful, musical, artistic and awesomely inspiring. Benefits—besides a paycheck, the chance to work with and learn from top-notch performers, and lots of media publicity and resumé credit—are being part of a continual community (what used to be called a “repertory company”) which supports creative growth and expression, and exploring what we can do together to inspire ourselves and the audience.

Purpose. The videos for the concerts and the media campaigns will be used for general promotional purposes, to apply for grants or funding for future productions and to add to our website and YouTube channel. In addition, they provide an archive for the company and a place to review what we’ve done so that we can do even better in the future.

Dates.  So far we have concerts scheduled on April 22 and August 15.  We’ll need the videographer to record both, in addition to creating or editing short videos leading up to the concerts, as well as helping us edit or shoot some interviews next month.  Overall time commitment is relatively short and, other than concert shoots, we can usually work around your schedule.

Requirements. One camera is sufficient. We need warm lighting (part of EGMP’s trademark look) and good audio. For the concert videos, I will provide access to the venue in advance so that you can see where it will be shot. Your creative ideas will always be welcomed.

Other requirements. Agreeable nature and reliability; sense of humor a plus!

Compensation. The fee is based on experience, and will be reasonable but not extravagant (we are a small company with limited resources, looking to grow). The videographer’s bio will be placed on the company roster web page, which is used for promotion on social media and online publications, so that referrals will be likely: EGMP Personnel.  They will also be listed in the bio section of the concert program handout.  If the partnership works out well, I would be happy to offer references and referrals for the videographer to my large network of musicians, all of whom frequently need videos. In addition, the people involved in this production are all warm, friendly, fun and talented people, and the videographer would get to see some great concerts! You might really like being a part of this innovative and warm company.

Send bio or resumé and links to video clips to Elena Greco at before March 1.  Follow the lead of actors’ resumes, and list all skills that might possibly be of use to us at the bottom of your resumé, or in your email to me at  (Please do NOT message me.)

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