EGMP New Pricing



New Pricing

by Elena Greco

March 2015

There is a change coming to EGMP!

Pricing of EGMP events has been a dilemma. I produce these multimedia concerts and events for several reasons: They foster transformation and the expansion of creative energy in both performers and audience, through music, visual art, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses. They entertain and uplift while educating. They provide world-class singers and instrumentalists a chance to expand and develop creatively in unique productions with caring and kind directors and facilitators, with little or no cost to them.

I intend to continue producing these events because of my dedication to this cause. However, there is the fact that these events are expensive to produce. There is also the fact that many who would enjoy or benefit from these events are in a precarious position financially in these difficult times and cannot afford to spend money on anything but necessities. In addition, there are those who are very comfortable financially who could easily afford to pay more. How to address this so that all can benefit, and so that I can continue to produce these events without sponsors who might want to change the focus of the work, is the question – and I have a solution!

The pricing of EGMP events will now be flexible, and the price will be listed as follows:

Cost: $XX*
(* Suggested donation. If you truly cannot afford this, please pay what you can. If you have the means, we will very much appreciate your larger donation to support future productions which bring entertainment to many, and which offer singers and musicians a unique performance opportunity to develop as artists.)

This will extend to all future EGMP concerts, and will also preclude the need for industry comps, professional discounts or guest lists.

Please join us!

Elena Greco

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