The Impossible Dream


Elena Greco




TBA, tenor
TBA, soprano   TBA, baritone
TBA, percussion
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TBA, 2019, 7:00 pm

Suggested Donation: $20


is the counterpart to the KALEIDOSCOPE™ concert, which focused on positive ways we can support ourselves and our communities in being mentally healthy.  THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM continues with that theme, this time focusing on the unique human attributes of courage, hope and determination, and how we can increase those attributes to improve our lives.

Our current mental health system focuses almost completely on solving “emotional problems”; that paradigm views any of the usual and quite normal experiences of being human, such as sadness or anxiety, as problems to be erased.  In our two concerts about mental health, we encourage the view that humans have varied emotional experiences, and mental health is a good balance of these emotions.  When any one of our emotions is too extreme, you might say we are out of balance, and it’s good to focus on restoring that equilibrium through safe and sane practices that are accessible to us all.

There is more to being human than being emotionally in balance, though.  THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM reminds us that there is something about human beings that makes us unique among living creatures:  the attributes of courage, faith and determination.

When we’re confronted with challenging or life-threatening circumstances and choose to act heroically anyway, we call that courage.  When we face a dismal set of circumstances that appear insurmountable, but choose to have conviction that something better is on the horizon, we call that faith.  When we choose to doggedly follow a dream that seems almost impossible to achieve, we call that determination.  Virtually nothing that has occurred in our evolution or the progress of our civilization would have occurred without these attributes.

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM explores how we can increase the experience of these important attributes in our lives and keep ourselves courageous, inspired and determined so that we can be all we are meant to be! We want to see mentally healthy people living full out, achieving great things and living their dreams! The concert includes music that encompasses these human experiences through multiple genres–musical theater, jazz standards and popular songs. Leave this concert inspired and thoroughly entertained.

THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is part of CONCERTS FOR HEALING™, a multimedia performance series that focuses on issues of health and ecology, uplifting and entertaining through beautiful music while educating about important issues.

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For more information, please email Elena Greco.
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Please note: This is a FRAGRANCE-FREE event so that those who have allergies and asthma can be comfortable.

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For more information, please email Elena Greco.

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