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ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™ offers a different kind of entertainment, one which actively and uniquely engages both performers and audience, presenting projects that entertain, educate and enliven. EGMP stands for total authenticity in creative expression and a commitment to the highest excellence in every project. It fosters transformation and the expansion of creative energy in both performers and audience, through music, visual art, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses.

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Our Intentions:

  • To bring a living-room feel to our performances
    We want our performance to be a visceral, enlivening experience for our audience, so we use intimate venues where audience members can see the performers up close and personal. No secrets. Just honest, authentic creative expression at a very high level of artistry.
  • To offer innovative multimedia programming that covers divergent genres of music
    We combine music and art in innovative programming that moves people and reaches across generations and lifestyles.
  • To bring affordable and vibrant entertainment to the community and to those in need
    We perform wherever people need and want to be entertained, with an emphasis on bringing people together and creating a feeling of community. We’re particularly committed to performing for senior centers and Spanish-language organizations.
  • To offer pricing that allows attendance by those at all economic levels by using “Suggested Donation” prices
    This allows for those with limited means to attend at little or no cost, so that no one is excluded. It also allows those with greater means to enjoy the act of giving by supporting the company with a larger donation.
  • To offer creative artists an opportunity to grow creatively and personally
    Coaching and opportunities are offered to assist performers in trusting their creative impulses, to become comfortable interacting authentically with an audience, and to experience the possibilities inherent in performing in the moment.  Workshops and groups are offered for addressing the many needs of creatives in living a healthy and vibrant life, as well as workshops pertaining to the singing profession.

Our Projects:

musicofpeace CONCERTS FOR HEALING™, a multimedia concert series focusing on issues of health and ecology, uplifting and entertaining through beautiful music while educating about these issues.
BEHIND THE SCENES is a peek behind the curtain of self-producing an album. I’ll take you along on my journey as I do everything a solopreneur is required to do to create, fund and promote such a project. The steps involved in this process are adaptable for self-producing any project, whether a recording, a concert, or a multi-media project, so if you’re a musician who hasn’t produced your own project before, this is a good place to start.
EGMP CREATIVE ARTIST INTERVIEWS ™ are live video discussions and interviews with creatives about what it means to be a creative artist in the US. There is often a misperception by non-creatives of why creatives do what they do and live the way they live. I want to give creatives a chance to describe what living their lives is like for them on a daily basis, what it feels like to be a creative, and what compels them to pursue their art, sometimes in spite of great obstacles. I think they don’t often get to express that. And I hope to foster an appreciation of each for the other.
ABRACADABRA!™, Abracadabra! gives you tools and support to achieve your most heartfelt desires with much less effort in a way that’s truly life-enhancing. Get what your heart wants. Achieve fulfillment. Life creatively and passionately. Live up to your potential.
castanetsfanguitar THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™, an ongoing multimedia concert series which entertains while educating about the rich and extensive genre of Spanish art song, exploring the cultural factors that merge to create the sound of Spanish music, and offering you an experience of this thrilling, passionate genre.
Saraceni-St-Cecilia-and-the-Angel THE MUSIC SALON™, a monthly performance experience and support group for musicians. In this creative laboratory, professional singers and instrumentalists can perform in a non-judgmental arena, experiment with repertoire and expression, stretch beyond perceived limitations, and experience the space for spontaneity and improvisation. Guidance in expanding creatively is offered when requested. A workshop segment that serves and engages the creative artists, offering information, experience or healing, is sometimes offered in lieu of the performance segment.

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