Elements Two


ELEMENTS TWO™, like its sister production, ELEMENTS™, celebrates the elements of the Earth: earth, wind, fire, water and metal, each of which has its own special beauty. These elements, along with the many sensually rich expressions of nature, are reflected in the wildly diverse yet perfectly melded group of songs that comprise an album recording of American Songbook and jazz standards with just a dash of musical theater. Elena Greco solos throughout, joined by talented international solo and ensemble performers from multiple genres and styles. The album will give way to a special series of break-out performances over the next year.

ELEMENTS TWO™ is part of CONCERTS FOR HEALING™, a multimedia performance series that focuses on issues of health and ecology, uplifting and entertaining through beautiful music while educating about important issues.

For more information, please email Elena Greco.
For more information about the Concerts for Healing™ concert series
and the performers, click here:  CONCERTS FOR HEALING™.

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