EGMP Season Lineup



EGMP is currently working on an album.
To help fund EGMP’s latest project, ELEMENTS TWO, we’ve set up a Demo album:
Click above to listen to and buy the tracks.

EGMP 2023-24 Season

ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™ offers a different kind of entertainment, one which actively and uniquely engages both performers and audience, presenting projects that entertain, educate and enliven. EGMP stands for total authenticity in creative expression and a commitment to the highest excellence in every project. It fosters transformation and the expansion of creative energy in both performers and audience, through music, visual art, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses.

ELEMENTS TWO, like its sister production, ELEMENTS™, celebrates the elements of the Earth—earth, wind, fire, water and metal—each of which has its own special beauty. These elements, along with the sensually rich expressions of nature, are reflected in the perfectly melded group of songs that comprise an album recording of jazz standards and American Songbook, including Latin favorites and just a dash of musical theater. Elena Greco solos throughout, joined by talented international solo and ensemble performers from multiple genres and styles.
CONCERTS FOR HEALING™: The Impossible Dream
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is the third concert in the CONCERTS FOR HEALING™ concert series, a multimedia performance series focusing on issues of health and ecology, entertaining through beautiful music while educating about important issues. The Impossible Dream is the counterpart to the Kaleidoscope™ concert, which focused on positive ways we can support ourselves and our communities in being mentally healthy. The Impossible Dream furthers that theme, this time focusing on how we can cultivate the unique human attributes of courage, faith and determination in our lives and keep ourselves courageous, inspired and determined. We want to see people living full out, achieving great things and living their dreams! The concert includes music that encompasses these human experiences through multiple genres for all generations—musical theater, jazz standards and popular songs.
Upper West Side, New York City
THE MUSIC SALON™ provides a community of fellow artists who are committed to accessing their deepest creative selves in a space without judgment. We welcome all musicians (as well as poets, screenwriters and actors), but are particularly supportive of the needs of singers.

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