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EGMP 2019-20 Season

ELENA GRECO MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTIONS™ offers a different kind of entertainment, one which actively and uniquely engages both performers and audience, presenting projects that entertain, educate and enliven. EGMP stands for total authenticity in creative expression and a commitment to the highest excellence in every project. It fosters transformation and the expansion of creative energy in both performers and audience, through music, visual art, technology and other creative expressions that expand the senses.

THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ Part 3: Unsung Songs of Spain
December 2019, Midtown West, New York City
THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ concert series explores the exotic cultural influences that create the unique sound of Spanish song. Part 3 of the series, “Unsung Songs of Spain,” showcases Spanish composers who are mostly unknown in this country, such as Federico Longàs and Jordi Sabatés, as well as little-heard songs of better-known composers, such as Fernando Obradors. You will be amazed at the beauty and sensuality of this music, some of which you will be hearing for the first time. A dancer will be joining us on this concert to perform an interpretation of Sabatés’ songs!
CONCERTS FOR HEALING™: The Impossible Dream
Date TBA, New York City
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM is the third concert in the CONCERTS FOR HEALING™ concert series, a multimedia performance series focusing on issues of health and ecology, entertaining through beautiful music while educating about important issues. The Impossible Dream is the counterpart to the Kaleidoscope™ concert, which focused on positive ways we can support ourselves and our communities in being mentally healthy. The Impossible Dream furthers that theme, this time focusing on how we can cultivate the unique human attributes of courage, faith and determination in our lives and keep ourselves courageous, inspired and determined. We want to see people living full out, achieving great things and living their dreams! The concert includes music that encompasses these human experiences through multiple genres for all generations—musical theater, jazz standards and popular songs.
Upper West Side, New York City
THE MUSIC SALON™ provides a community of fellow artists who are committed to accessing their deepest creative selves in a space without judgment. We welcome all musicians, but are particularly supportive of the needs of singers.
Upper West Side, New York City
NEW YORK SINGERS SUPPORT™ GROUP is a healing space for singers who want to experience transformation in their singing and in their lives. All singers are welcome, but this group is particularly geared to the specific needs of classical singers. The group provides a community of fellow singers who come together to support one another and to have breakthroughs in their musical life. The group is a space for singers to come to share, heal, learn, improve, expand and, most of all, find community and support.
Date TBA, New York City
Come explore the wonderful world of Spanish art song with us! Perform, gain in-depth knowledge of this genre and enjoy listening to the exquisitely beautiful music of Spain. The purpose of THE SPANISH ART SONG WORKSHOP™ is to create a space for sharing our love of this beautiful genre, as well as to gain important information that will deepen your experience of these songs. You will leave the workshop with an understanding of how this unique sound came into being, as well as a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Spanish language in song. In addition, you will have an organic feel for the authentic sound and performance of the Spanish songs you sing and an enhanced ability to access their hidden beauty in your own performances.
Fall 2019 Upper West Side, New York City
This workshop explores the physicality of singing. It’s specifically targeted for singers and those who work with them professionally. Our guest teacher will be an incredibly gifted intuitive bodyworker who has a deep knowledge of anatomy and decades of experience working with singers. We’ll do exercises that allow us to explore how we might use our bodies in our daily lives in order to better support our singing life; learn how and where tension can get in the way of our singing and ways to release it; and how our inner experience of our bodies can be developed in order to help us sing our best. You’ll get practical, hands-on guidance and experience. And you will leave feeling as if you’re on Cloud Nine, I promise!

Date TBA, New York City
THE CROSSOVER WORKSHOP™ is for classical singers who want or need to sing musical theater with a legitimate sound and delivery while maintaining good, healthy “classical” technique. Learn about the differences in performing musical theater that will give you a leg up in being competitive and professional and how you can get there easily from where you are. Our presenters will be a coach/accompanist who has worked at the highest levels of both opera and musical theater and an experienced singer who is equally at home in both genres. This workshop is open to singers and accompanists.

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