The Flavor of Spain™ Part 4


Part 4: Noches, Noches

Elena Greco




TBA, baritone
TBA, guitar
TBA, percussion

What is it about Spanish music that lets you know instantly that what you’re hearing is Spanish? THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ explores in multimedia the exotic cultural influences that create that unique sound. Deep in the lush, passionate and thrilling sound of this music are influences of the Moorish, Middle Eastern, Italian, French, Sephardic and Flamenco cultures, and you will hear all of these elements in the music of THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™.

In Part 1 of this concert series, we heard the sounds of southern Spain – Moorish, Sephardic, Italian, Flamenco and Andalusian influence – including settings of folk songs from these regions by De Falla, Lorca, Turina, Obradors and others. In Part 2, we listened to the native sounds of northern Spain – Catalan, Basque and French influence – and heard beautiful music by the major composers of this region: Granados, Guridi, de Iradier, Longas, Obradors, Toldrà and Turina. Part 3 showcased two wonderful modern Spanish composers who are mostly unknown in this country, Federico Longàs and Jordi Sabatés, as well as little-heard songs of better-known composers, such as Amadeu Vives, Eduard Toldrà, Joaquín Turina and Fernando Obradors.

Part 4 of THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™, Noches, Noches, explores the rich and moving musical culture of the Sephardim (Spanish Jews), sung entirely in Ladino.

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Please note: This is a FRAGRANCE-FREE event so that those who have allergies and asthma can be comfortable.

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