Spanish Art Song Workshop


Performance practice, style and history of Spanish art song


Presented by
Elena Greco

Date TBA, 2:30 pm
New York, NY
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Come explore the wonderful world of Spanish art song with us! Perform, gain in-depth knowledge of this genre and enjoy listening to the exquisitely beautiful music of Spain.

What is it about Spanish music that lets you know instantly that what you’re hearing is Spanish? THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ series explores the exotic cultural influences that create that unique sound. Deep in the lush, passionate and thrilling sound of this music are influences of the Moorish, Greek, Turkish, Italian, French, Sephardic and Flamenco cultures, and you will learn how these elements unite to produce this exquisite music.

The purpose of THE SPANISH ART SONG WORKSHOP™ is to create a space for sharing our love of this beautiful genre, as well as to gain musical ideas and important information that deepen your experience of these songs. It presents a journey of discovery through:

  • a PowerPoint audio-visual presentation of the history and performance practice of Spanish art song;
  • a live demonstration and discussion of these aspects which will enable you to apply them to your own music and greatly facilitate your ability to perform the music authentically;
  • live music by workshop members;
  • an opportunity for coaching of your Spanish art songs, if desired (though not required), by a coach/accompanist with a unique blend of coaching skills who is a master of this genre (the coaching cost is included in the workshop fee, a bargain you will not find elsewhere); and
  • an opportunity for lively discussion and sharing of information by workshop participants about this rich genre and its primary composers.

You will leave the workshop with an understanding of how this unique sound came into being, as well as a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Spanish language in song. You will gain familiarity with new repertoire and new composers.  In addition, you will leave with an organic feel for the authentic sound and performance of the Spanish songs you sing and an enhanced ability to access their hidden beauty.

This workshop is a combined offering of THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™ and THE MUSIC SALON™. Although the workshop is a part of THE MUSIC SALON, the requirements will be a little different from the Salon’s.

  • If you are a singer, I encourage you to come and perform a Spanish art song or two. Please don’t worry if you are not familiar with, or accomplished at, performing this genre; you will gain facility with this genre through the workshop.
  • If you have developed a specialty in Spanish art song and are already knowledgeable about performance practice of this genre, please join us to share your songs, with a masterful accompanist who can sight read whatever you bring with authentic Spanish flair. Even the experienced will learn something from this workshop, and we would love to have your musical contribution.
  • Unlike THE MUSIC SALON™, auditing will be allowed in this workshop. If you are a singer, pianist or guitarist who has a keen interest in Spanish art song, you may attend without performing at the same cost. However, I strongly encourage you to perform at least one song!

The Presenters

Elena Greco.  A specialist in this unique genre, Elena has researched Spanish art song in depth, has mastered the nuances and characteristics of Spanish style, and wants most of all to share this wonderful, under-appreciated genre and encourage others to do the same. Elena is producer, artistic director and co-music director for THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™, an ongoing multimedia concert series which entertains while educating about the rich and extensive genre of Spanish art song.  As a mezzo-soprano, she sings a wide range of genres and styles, both as a soloist and as an enthusiastic ensemblist. As an opera singer, her focus is on the full lyric mezzo French, Italian and verismo repertoire. She is particularly dedicated to Spanish art song, and is equally at home in French mélodies, musical theater and cabaret. Her primary creative focus is producing multimedia projects through EGMP that entertain, educate and enliven, and on facilitating groups that simultaneously educate and heal.  She is an integrative counselor with a lifelong commitment to self-actualization for herself and others, and most of all, to promoting the power and flow of creativity in all of us. To further her intention to bring healing through music, Elena hosts THE MUSIC SALON™ monthly to provide a haven for creative artists to share their art among colleagues and receive support in their creative process.

For more information, please email Elena Greco.
For more information about The Flavor of Spain™ Concert Series, and for information about the personnel, click here: THE FLAVOR OF SPAIN™.

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For more information, please email Elena Greco.


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