The Afterparty


Presented by EGMP via video worldwide

Join us for a proper close to Pandemic Times,
clear the slate for the New Normal,
and create your future
exactly the way you want it to be.
Sat Mar 19, 4 pm NY/Eastern (Daylight), $10



Celebrate the end of the pandemic, take inventory of the past two years, and move forward with intention! The “party” is limited to 10 people; the cover charge is $10. Come as you are or dress to the nines, toast with a cocktail or mocktail, and move forward confidently into the future.
Whenever a show or production comes to an end, the entire cast and crew have a party! Producing a show of any kind is incredibly strenuous and challenging, and there needs to be an official ending to allow everyone to decompress and celebrate themselves and their hard work … before beginning all over again with the next production. It’s a time-tested ritual that serves a purpose. That’s where we are now in The Great Pandemic show—about to close, strike the set, and begin again. We need an Afterparty! Hope to see you there!