Review: Norwegian Airlines

Review: Norwegian Airlines

by Elena Greco

May 2017

I flew Norwegian for the first time in a trip to Europe last month, from JFK to London-Gatwick and from Paris to JFK.  Although I have read some complaints about customer service from this airline, I did not need that sort of assistance, so I can’t speak to that.  However, based on the two flights I took, I love this airline!  Service was efficient, on time and polite.

And the plane!  The plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, was to die for.  Beautiful, high-tech, innovative and comfortable.  The digital entertainment / food / beverage offerings, available to all seats, were extensive.  The meal was good, particularly for airline food, and they even gave us a snack bag, which was really a meal, just before landing (two of the meals had a divine sort of mini-muffin dessert with a cream center).  The plane had a new, effective air filtration system that is a blessing for asthma sufferers or anyone on a long flight.  I have asthma and chemical sensitivities, and that’s the first time I’ve ever flown and not felt sick afterwards for at least 24 hours.  And the flight attendants looked beautiful!  Their red and black costumes were unique, unlike the ugly uniforms attendants wear on most US flights.  At the end of the flight, the overhead lights turned to bright colors, cycling through different color schemes; I so enjoyed that!  In short, I’m a convert.

I should add that they are quite particular about on-board luggage weight, and if your carry-ons are an ounce over 25 pounds (they will likely weigh your carry-ons before you get on board), they will require that you check one of them or reduce the weight.  I ended up having to check one item I wasn’t planning to, but found upon landing that the bags were already there by the time we got to the carousel.  I recall on US flights having to stand around the carousel for long periods of time waiting for the luggage to be taken off the plane.  Having to check a bag isn’t really that terrible, especially when you compare that to some of the things other airlines have done, and continue to do, to their customers (fly the friendly skies!).  I look forward to flying Norwegian again.

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