Review: Premier Inn, Brighton, England, UK

Review: Premier Inn, Brighton, England, UK

by Elena Greco

May 2017

I attended a writers’ workshop in Brighton, England, and booked a room at the Premier Inn for a week. I’m so glad that I did.

The hotel was in a fabulous location, close to the beach, the Royal Pavilion and the arts and shopping areas, as well as to the workshop I was attending. It’s also not too far from the train station, although I would recommend taking a taxi. I had to walk there and back, though, with heavy luggage, and managed. There are at least three food and grocery stores literally next door, and other sundries (drugstore, hardware, luggage) just steps away, and there are a lot of buses that stop a block away. And the rates were quite reasonable, given the location.

The bed was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on, the room had individually controlled air (heat and air conditioning), good mirrors, a hair dryer, and everything I needed. If you’re looking for elegant décor, this is probably not your hotel, but if you want the amenities that count, this is a terrific place. There was a restaurant downstairs that served breakfast, both Continental (pastries, yogurt, juice) and Full (meat, eggs and potatoes added), and the two times I ate breakfast, it was quite tasty and reasonably priced. I didn’t have other meals there. Once the chocolate pastry was just coming out of the oven when I arrived for breakfast–yum! I was also reminded of the difference in taste in real, unadulterated wheat products versus the American version now. There is a world of difference! The US is losing so much in giving in to the mass-produced, genetically-modified, pesticide- and herbicide-laden product they call “wheat” now. I was reminded of this all over Europe when I ate wheat products. There is no comparison.

The only negative was when the woman at the entrance to the breakfast area stopped me the last morning and told me, after looking for my room number on a piece of paper, that “I wasn’t on the list,” as though I were trying to pull a fast one, and continued to give me a hard time. I finally said, “Are you saying I can’t buy breakfast here?” She acquiesced, not apologizing for being so rude, and then said, “You talk so fast I can’t understand you.” I didn’t catch her name, but she had shoulder-length, dark-blonde hair. I recommend an attitude adjustment for her.

However, literally every other person at that hotel was *exceptionally* polite, pleasant and helpful, including several people at the front desk, and that’s what I will remember about this hotel. One person in particular who saved me from inordinate stress and possibly from missing my train to Paris was Alles. I had discovered that I couldn’t get my Eurostar boarding pass on the phone app as I had planned, and so was required to have a printout of the pass to get my ticket to board. Alles helped me figure out a way to email the pass to her, and she printed it for me, all in under five minutes. I will always remember you fondly, Alles! I recommend this hotel if you’re visiting Brighton.

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