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This Week’s Spanish Composer: JORDI SABATÉS

by Elena Greco

July 14, 2015

Multi-genre pianist, composer and arranger Jordi Sabatés was born in Barcelona on October 23, 1948. He studied at the Swiss School, the Higher Conservatory of Music of the Liceo de Barcelona, and at the Faculty of Physical Sciences. Sabatés has composed film scores and theater music, recorded numerous audio discs, published in music magazines and recorded television programs. His projects include work with such diverse artists as jazz pianist Chick Corea, Catalan singer Maria del Mar Bonet, guitarist/singer/composer Toti Soler, and classical soprano Carmen Bustamante. Awards include the Nacional Disc Award (1983), the Jazz Composition Award (the Spanish General Society of Composers, 1992), the Creativity Award (Radio Nacional de España and the S.G.A.E., 1993), the Nacional Disc Award (Finalist 2008), The Best Spanish Jazz Disc from 1920 (for the disc VAMPYRIA with Tete Montoliu, 1975), Honour awarded by Fostering Arts and Design (FAD) (for his cinema and music works, 2013), and a “Miembro de Honor” award del Foro Iberoamericano de las Artes 2005.

Jordi Sabates 4 (jazz)

Listen to a few beautiful songs from Sabatés’ gorgeous CANTILENA (a set of seven songs), “Subtil memòria,” “A tot moment” and “Era tu vida.” (We will be performing part of CANTILENA on The Flavor of Spain™ Part 3: Unsung Songs of Spain concert in June, 2018.)

A tot moment
Subtil memòria (or Subtil memòria)
Era tu vida
Carmen Bustamente (soprano); Jordi Sabatés (pianist and composer)

You can find many of his compositions and performances on YouTube; here are just a few:
Tu que sempre m´aculls – from song cycle “Cançons a Mahalta”
Cinema en Concierto – composition scoring the work of Spanish cinematographer Segundo de Chomón
Tren de Sueños – multimedia (cinema, live music and dance, illusion)
A la fontana del verger – arrangement of Provencal folk song
Jazz concert 2017


What is it about Spanish music that lets you know instantly that what you’re hearing is Spanish? The Flavor of Spain explores the exotic cultural influences that create that unique sound. Deep in the lush, passionate and thrilling sound of this music are influences of the Moorish, Greek, Turkish, Italian, French, Sephardic and Flamenco cultures, and you will hear all of these elements in the music of The Flavor of Spain concert series.

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