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Next meeting: Tuesday, October 6, 7:00 p.m.
Upper West Side, New York City
Cost: $20*
Bring a friend and you both attend half price!

Please note:  This is a FRAGRANCE-FREE event so that attendees who have allergies and asthma can be comfortable.
Also, there is a strict 48-hour cancellation policy.

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Elena’s Counseling/Teaching Bio

Meditation for Creatives™

October 1, 2015

This month THE MUSIC SALON™ will be a joint production with MEDITATION FOR CREATIVES™.

MEDITATION FOR CREATIVES™ is a workshop exploring the Art of Meditation geared specifically for Creative Artists. You will come away from the workshop with the tools and knowledge to create a unique, practical, enjoyable, individualized meditation practice that works for you as a creative artist, one that you can stick to for the long haul. Make meditation your own by learning how to customize it to your individual needs while honoring the time-tested traditions and techniques that work. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, this workshop can ignite your meditation practice.

You don’t need a spiritual path or lineage in order to meditate easily or well or to get major benefits from it. Real meditation belongs to no organization or belief system. It belongs to your deepest self.

I teach classes that show you experientially what meditation is, and some ways to get there that might work for you, and I do them in a particular environment that I create in the way that I create my healing groups. Meditation can make a profound difference in your life in ways you might not suspect.

After the meditation, enjoy noshing and networking with a unique community of committed artists.

Come join us at the workshop and discover a new source of creativity!

To attend, or for more information, write to Elena Greco at

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