The Music Salon™: Will It Continue?


by Elena Greco


Will It Continue?

July 27, 2015

Hello, Music Salon Friends. I hope you’re having a great summer so far!

THE MUSIC SALON™ is in its eighth year now, and I’ve been taking an objective look at it, appreciating its value in the past, the positive contribution it has made, and considering its place in the future.

Until recently we enjoyed a good crowd each month, but attendance has petered out in the last year or two. I have to consider whether the Salon is a viable enterprise at this point.

Producing The Music Salon™ each month involves a quite substantial financial outlay on my part, primarily for a world-class accompanist with superior sight-reading and accompanying ability, and my time spent in producing, coordinating and promoting the Salon is also substantial. Until recently I have been happy to subsidize it myself, offering it to singers and instrumentalists at a “Suggested Donation” price so that everyone could benefit.

In order to come close to breaking even, I need a minimum of eight participants, and we have not had that number for the last two years. At this point in time, I no longer feel I can continue to subsidize The Music Salon entirely on my own.

Going forward, there will be a minimum requirement of four participants, and if it is not met by the deadline (usually four days before the event), the Salon will be cancelled that month. If participation does not pick up in the next few months, I will consider retiring The Music Salon some time next year.

If you want to see THE MUSIC SALON™ continue to be offered, then come and join us! If you have participated in the Salon in the past and keep planning to return but just never get around to it – now is the time! If you haven’t tried The Music Salon yet, but keeping meaning to write to me to inquire about it, please don’t hesitate any longer.

The Music Salon offers something unique. I began the Salon because I wanted to provide a place for performers to perform for each other in a relaxed setting that consciously promoted creativity. It also provides a space for community, something that is often difficult to find in the performing world. The Music Salon offers not only performing opportunities, but informational, educational and transformational groups and workshops, so there’s a chance to experience community in a variety of settings, and many opportunities to expand creatively as a performer.

I hope that THE MUSIC SALON™ continues to provide these opportunities for years to come. Your continued participation will ensure that it does.

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