Elena Greco has been published in national publications, including Psychology Today and Classical Singer, and currently has two books on Kindle, one about the relationship between singers and vocal accompanists (VOCAL COLLABORATORS) and the other about healing and boundaries (HEALING). Her latest book, ABRACADABRA! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True, is due to be published on Kindle in early 2024. Two other books will be coming out soon, one about true health—what it is and how to get it—and the other a memoir about recovering from trauma, which will serve anyone who has suffered from acute or chronic trauma and its aftermath. A former technical writer, she now writes about the creative arts, communication, psychology, health, culture and the issues of our time on her Blog and on Elena’s Substack.
Reach her at egreco [at] elenagreco.com.

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PUBLICATIONS: Essays and Articles

Published in CLASSICAL SINGER (March 2016 issue)
Overcoming Performance Anxiety, CLASSICAL SINGER March 2016

Published on PSYCHOLOGY TODAY’s blog:
Creativity as a Way of Life (03/02/21)
The Psychology of Performance (11/12/15)
Simple Everyday Actions That Support Mental Health (05/26/15)

Published on THRIVE GLOBAL
Creativity as a Way of Life 03/02/21

Published on ERIC MAISEL’s Fine Arts America blog
Creativity as a Way of Life 04/16/21

Published in
Eric Maisel’s Interview Series: Creativity Coaches and the Creative Life
Elena Greco: Creativity as a Way of Life (3.2.21)


A Manual for Making Dreams Come True

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