Abracadabra! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True


A Manual for Making Dreams Come True

by Elena Greco

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Abracadabra! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True

Here’s what readers are saying about the book

This book is great! Sound and wise advice with clear instructions. Brilliant.
~ Llorraine Neithardt, clairvoyant counselor

Magnify your ability to create what truly matters to you.

Have you ever looked back at last year’s New Year’s resolutions and felt disappointed or defeated that you didn’t conquer them? Have you still not addressed the things that truly matter to you because you can’t seem to get traction with them? Are you stymied as to why that’s so?

Don’t you think it’s time to manifest your dreams right now? No more being held back by fear or confusion?

The chapters of this book are a blueprint that will accompany and support you in making your unique dreams come true. The strategy you’ll learn in Abracadabra is easily reproducible and repeatable. Just apply the lessons of the book as you pursue the dream of your choice, and the strategy will be yours forever.

Abracadabra! is a word we associate with magical incantation. One possible interpretation of the word from an ancient language is I will create as I speak. This book gives you tools to do exactly that!

In addition to offering tools you can put to use right away, Abracadabra! lists every challenge you will face in pursuing your dream and offers a practical solution to it.

It also gives you a better understanding of your mind and how to use it powerfully and effectively to get what matters most to you.

And don’t miss this book’s unique exploration of the author’s IDEA™: Integrity, Depth, Excellence and Authenticity, the four key elements which are essential in achieving big dreams.

It’s time to regain your ability to reach for the stars … and grab them!

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Abracadabra! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True

Learn more about the author at ELENA GRECO-Writer.
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ELENA GRECO-Holistic Life and Creativity Coach/Group Facilitator.

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