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ELENA’S SUBSTACK showcases weekly posts that offer a different slant on the creative arts, psychology, culture, health and current issues. Elena has been published in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, THE GOOD MEN PROJECT and CLASSICAL SINGER. She has three books on Kindle with two more on the way! Don’t miss her latest book, ABRACADABRA! A Manual for Making Dreams Come True.

Current series on ELENA’S SUBSTACK include:

BEHIND THE SCENES, a peak behind the curtain of self-producing an album. Come along on the journey as Elena does everything a solopreneur is required to do to create, fund and promote such a project.
LIFE IN BALANCE, a multi-part series exploring health: what it really is, how to get it and how to maintain it, easily and naturally.
ELENA’S NEWSLETTER – Dedicated to Entertaining * Educating * Enlivening. This monthly newsletter is about the creative arts, culture, psychology, health and current issues; it’s geared toward creatives and visionaries in all genres.

And there’s a general post on the first Tuesday of every month.

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