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Be an activist, discuss current topics, share your views—all without social media!

Each week I’ll post a link to an article or post I’ve found relevant or provocative. And in the Comments I’ll add my own comment or blog post or essay.

You can comment there as well! And I can reply to your comment and vice versa. So we can, in essence, have the same experience we had on social media, only no one can tell us what to say or not say.

Posts (please reference date/topic in your Comment) Newsletters I Recommend
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Note: Substack is a great way to get news information and commentary! When you subscribe to a Substack newsletter, you’ll receive an email (assuming your Settings indicate such) that you can read in your browser, then Like, Comment, Share or Save. Saving a post puts it in your Inbox, which is in essence your own library of chosen articles. You can subscribe for free or as a paid subscriber (which allows you to Comment). This is a great alternative if you’re fed up with news websites and feeds; it allows you to curate your news and read intelligent commentary. You can also write your own blog posts there and get subscribers! And there’s now a Notes feature which functions like the interactive feature of many social media platforms. It gets better all the time!

Charlotte’s Web Thoughts (Charlotte Clymer)
Civil Discourse (Joyce Vance, attorney)
Everyone is entitled to my own opinion (Jeff Tiedrich, comic journalism)
Kareem Abdul-Jabar
Letters from an American (Heather Cox Richardson, political historian, professor and author)
Michael Moore
NextDraft (Dave Pell, excellent and witty journalist)
Popular Information (Judd Legum, phenomenal journalist)
Robert Reich
Status Kuo (Jay Kuo, attorney)

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